Episode 178 IronRadio - Topic Paid- vs Self-Programming

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Episode 178 IronRadio - Topic Paid- vs Self-Programming

De Iron Radio

Longueur: 20 mins=


First, the guys bask in the glory of Phil's recent powerlifting success. Nice work, brother! Then, after kicking off the Fall 2012 funds drive, the Iron Brothers get to the Topic of the Day. Is it ever better to simply pay a lifting or dieting coach? Or should you always learn and tweak and gain experience on your own? Also, how have the guys changed their own programs over the years? From meager beginnings reading muscle mags and little booklets, to success in regional competitions, what has changed? And why? Learn from the mistakes! Plus, tune in for banter ranging from truly bizarre vegan gelatin, to how long whey protein drinks last, to Fortress' golden locks. Come on in!
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