085 Part I SHED HUNTING! Jeremy Moore - Dog Bone Hunter: Hunting Shed with Dogs Using the Dog Bone Methods and Training

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085 Part I SHED HUNTING! Jeremy Moore - Dog Bone Hunter: Hunting Shed with Dogs Using the Dog Bone Methods and Training

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Longueur: 46 mins=


PART I- It's that time of year again, when the deer herd up for winter and the sheds start falling! Jeremy Moore from DogBone has created a unique system for training dogs to help you find more sheds with man's best friend. We cover in-depth shed hunting strategies (with and without dogs), all the steps you need to know to train a dog to shed hunt, and why shed hunting is becoming so popular. And a ton more!!! www.DogBoneHunter.com HELP FUND THIS SHOW: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/donate IN THIS EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN: Why do we need a dog to find sheds? Do shed have a smell?  They're just bone... About the shed hunting business Transitioning from bird dog to antler dog Training your dog (or pup) to shed hunt effectively Effective products for training a shed hunting dog The Three Simple Steps: Shape, Scent, Feel Why there's no "One Way" to do it Training Dummy VS Real Antlers- Why Each are important When Deer Season Ends... It's Time Why waiting until later in the shed season is often better When you should start training your dog Forming good habits, repitition, and consistency Why incremental steps is better than speed The Best Dog Breeds for Shed Hunting Buying the Right Dog to Fit YOUR Style of Shed Hunting Contact Us: FEEDBACK HOTLINE: 724-613-2825 REVIEW and SUBSCRIBE on iTUNES and Stitcher: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/itunes www.BigBuckRegistry.com/stitcher Want to Know When the Next Big Buck Podcast is Released? Then Join the Club: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/huntmail Submit A Buck: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/mybuck Be a Guest: Guests@BigBuckRegistry.com Share for Share: www.BigBuckRegistry.com/s4s Facebook: www.Facebook.com/bigbuckregistry Twitter: www.twitter.com/bigbuckregistry Feedback:Feedback@BigBuckRegistry.com Also find us on these fine networks: iTunes Stitcher Blubrry Libsyn TuneIn Other Recommended Podcasts: CarrieZ Wildgame IamTurkeyHunting BowRush FishNerds Bowhunting Freedom Up North Journal  
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