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220: Cascading Waterfall of Lights

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Ben Hencke (@im889) spoke with us about OHWS, Tindie, and blinking lights.Ben sells his Pixelblaze WiFi LED controller on his ElectroMage store on Tindie. It is based on the ESP8266 and uses the DotStar (APA102) lights.To hear John Leeman’s trip report on the Open Hardware Summit (OHWS), listen to Don’t Panic Geocast, Episode 140 – “Juicero of Tractors”Ben’s websites are and Go there if you want to see some of Ben’s projects, including Synthia. You can also find Ben on Hackaday, Github, and YouTube.We talked with Charles Lohr about ESP8266 WiFi controlled lights and ColorChord on episode 102: The Deadly Fluffy Bunny (With WiFi).Laser cut mandalasOSHParkSmall Batch AssemblyMore about the 4-bit Radio Shack computer (and an Arduino-based emulator for it!)Santa Cruz Idea Fab Lab

Talia's nightlight

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