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Board exam improvement solution

by: A. Bagunas, Ph.D

a) Board exam is a measure of CHED, and other Accrediting body toward performance. b) Faculty effort is not enough to guarantee students' performance in board exam, even how good the faculty in his profession, still, it is the student that will determine the result. c) Facilities may not be, even how great the facilities are, still , this will not determine their performance. School is dependent for student performance

Strategies used by top educational institution

1. Control in varied ways. 2. "elimination process" that is kicking out students who are not fit, this has worked to some, but this is not business anymore on the part of the institution.

There must be some creative effort to address this problem. There must be an integrated system to be adopted by school, or long term systems of concerting effort to arrest this old age problem

The propose effort is

Managing the student, though our holistic package of services for performance. The proposal for the board exam has been the product of research to arrest school problem in board exam result. We recommend some measure to help address this problem.

Benefits of securing our services

This can give a high probability of obtaining 100% passing rate in the board exam.

This is to prepare students earlier. At the time they will be taking board exam it will not be surprising. They were already exposed to different types of questions, methods, techniques and other manner relating the exam. It builds their skills, and proficiency. Since Board exam, still the indicator of school performance / excellence, paying attention in this area is prudent act. High percentage is attainable with the in-placed proper system.

designed to alleviate / improve your results in board exam in Engineering, Accountancy, Maritime, Medical & Allied Health, and Other professions that have board examination. Approach is business friendly to school owner / administrators in the long-term, it help identify weaknesses and make corrective action.


System (contn)
It is not based on control (such as elimination, kicking out students, etc in the program) which demise income opportunities.

It is simply testing, monitoring students performance in board subjects on a weekly basis (see master schedule of weekly subjects). Checking, storing, analyzing, and generating Reports will be done by system, since students test is online. Weekly test is sampling and simulating PRC types of questions--will be 10-15 items multiple choice (Click by mouse) per subject, can be accomplish in 5-20 minutes. (see sample exam).

Critical success factors

1. All student should take the test every week 2. Internet facility 3. Leadership- who will be implementing the method, monitor student when taking online test. 4. Faculty members support who will in turn encourage student to be serious, ex. tell student that online test will be part of their grades. 5. Master schedule informing students on topic covering the exam on weekly basis 6. Periodic assessment and evaluation based on the report.

Value for school

As our experience, the value of weekly report will be like a pandoras box , revelation of student real score/performance, and to administrators assessment ---be it curriculum, instructions, faculty, library, facilities, support system, it will taught them what to do, and will be a basis for further strategic development for attaining improvement.

Value of report after the weekly exam of students on-line

The report will serves as profile of specific students Data for Administrator in assessing the readiness of each student before taking the board exam, and basis for developing strategies. Basis for further corrective action in process in the department such as syllabus and curriculum focus, instruction dispensation, facultyqualifications, facilities - books/ multimedia, activities, and other support services.

Value of report(contn)
The said result is a research data of student performance. It includes item analysis, highlighting the strong point and weakness of student population including basis for curriculum focus, curriculum development, faculty readiness of instruction capacity. The said data, done in weekly, assessment, will commit the student to study. Communicate to the student that the administrator is serious to get result. Serves as a monitoring instrument.

What we can do?

We can handle the monitoring of weekly preboard exam through our automated online system. We conducted training for coordinators, Deans, and business owner how to improve their board program. We serve Third party who is willing to outsource their examination, such as comprehensive exam, finals among others.

Package of services include, best practices in board exam, coaching, technical support for on-line, and consultancies of your staffs (if any).


Sample exam

Master Schedule

Student %

88 68 96










Item analysis