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Statistical Software

Statistical Software

There are many statistical software packages on the market, links to some of the most popular ones are listed below. If you go to graduate school you may use one of these or if you are doing very heavy-duty statistics in which you are performing complex analyses over large data sets, a package such as SPSS or SAS would be a good choice. Typical capabilities Descriptive Statistics: Chart and Graphs: z-score Correlation: Inferential Statistics: z-test: Single Sample t-test: Single Sample Chi-square: Goodness of Fit Test t-test: Independent Samples Wilcoxon Rank-Sum Test Chi-square: Homogeneity of Variance ANOVA (F-ratio)

EXCEL as a stat package

These are some reasons why Excel can be termed a good stat software Its availability, its on every computer on campus and many off campus. It is well integrated with other productivity applications, such as word processors, presentation, databases and the www. the availability of informational resources. Its interface is the standard, therefore much of what you learn will be generalizable to other statistical software. If Excel cannot easily perform a specific function there probably is an add-in to it that can. Excel is technically a spreadsheet, an application used by businesses for accounting, forecasting and inventory control. However, besides performing these functions, it performs basic mathematical operations, contains 81 built in statistical functions and twelve addins that calculate more complex statistical procedures. If this is not enough, third party addins are available that will perform about any imaginable procedure.

Statistical Software
Excel MINITAB Analyse-it SPSS SAS SYSTAT Statistica

A few snap shoots.

Menu bar

variable Name Test1 Tim 20 Hans 21

Test2 23 26

Test3 24case 28

Type of variables
Column C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 var. name ID SEX TEST1 TEST2 TEST3 type length numeric 2 numeric 1 numeric 2 numeric 2 numeric 2

Typical cell format

Descriptive statistics

Regression analysis


Useful web resources

Good information on statistical packages available http://www.viterbo.edu/personalpages/faculty/DWillman/ p230/stp_by_stp.htm

Free Download of MINTAB through

estore.e-academy.com/.../main& parentID=1&CFID=2494006&CFTOKEN=86552345

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