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San Antonio de Padua Parish

Alec Bukuhan and Raf Florendo of 2N 2015

The exterior of San Antonio de Padua Parish.

The interior of San Antonio de Padua Parish.

What is the background info of your parish?

The name of our parish is San Antonio de Padua Parish. It is located in 172 West Riverside cor. Lincoln St, SFDM (San Francisco Del Monte), Quezon City. The parish priest is Fr. Jose Glenn V. Orocio. The parish has no assistant priests.

The parish priest, Jose Glenn V. Orocio, with us.

The parish is part of what diocese?

The parish is part of the Diocese of Cubao, in which the bishop is Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, D.D.

What is the vision and mission of the parish?

Vision To have within the Parish of San Antonio de Padua a Community of Christ -like disciples, filled with Charity and devotion, and empowered by the grace of the Holy Spirit to accomplish the tasks set before it by Our Lord through His Church for the greater glory of God.

Mission To organize, train, deploy, orchestrate and continually develop this Community of Christ like disciples within the Parish as an instrument of the Churchs mission of going forth to teach all men everywhere all that Christ has commanded them to do and how to obey them for

the sanctification and salvation of souls. To develop and cultivate an environment within the parish that is conductive, both spiritually and physically, to the pursuance and accomplishment of its mission and the realization of its mission and the realization of its vision.

Who is the patron?

The patron of the parish is Saint Anthony of Padua. He was a Portuguese Catholic priest and a friar of the Franciscan Order. He was the fastest canonized saint and proclaimed a Doctor of the Church on January 16, 1946. His feast day is on June 13.

A statue of the patron saint, Saint Anthony of Padua.

How did the parish start?

In 1930, Arthur Ralston Sr. and his young wife from Cebu, Aurelia Cabatuan, built the San Antonio Chapel, since they believed that their extraordinary fortune came through the intercession of St. Anthony de Padua. The community earlier named Bodega became known as San

Antonio. On October 12, 1970, Mary and Arthur Jr., the Ralston children, took the chapel under their care. In September 1981, Jaime Cardinal L. Sin suggested that a parish church be built in San Antonio. Fr. Milanio Raymundo celebrated his first masses at the San Antonio

Chapel on Sto. Nino Street. Later on, mass was celebrated in a garage on Montenegro Street, then at the Dona Loleng Hall in the Lingao compound. The search for a permanent church site ended when Dona Dolores Sanpedro-Lingao convinced he husband, Atty. Dionisio

Lingao, to donate to the parish their property at West Riverside cor. Lincoln St.

What are the schedules of service?

On Mondays to Saturdays, there are masses on 6:00am and 6:00pm. On Sundays, theres mass on 6:00am, 7:15am, 8:30am, 9:45am, 3:30pm (Childrens Mass), 5:00pm, and 6:15pm. Baptism could be done any day on 11:00am. Weddings can be done by appointment.

What are the celebrations in the parish?

The parish celebrates the Feast Day of Saint Anthony of Padua on June 13 or the Sunday nearest to June 13, their Foundation Day on August 4, Advent, Simbang Gabi, Christmas, Mary, Mother of God, Sto. Nio, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Easter, Ascension, Flores de Mayo,

Assumption, Birthday of the Virgin Mary, All Saints Day, All Souls Day, and Christ the King.

What are the parish outreach programs?

The parish does social services like Parish Clinic (every week), Murang Palibing, and Scholarship Programs (tied up with Poveda and Hearts of Jesus and Mary Foundation). They also do medical, dental, and optical missions. They also do outreach programs on Childrens Day.

What are the organizations in the parish?

The organizations in the parish are Parish Youth Ministry, Formation Ministry, Worship Ministry, Family and Life Ministry, Social Services and Development Ministry, Public Affairs Ministry, Finance Ministry, Construction Ministry and Religious Ministry, Knights of Columbus, Visual Arts Ministry, Ministry of Altar Servers,

Legion of Mary, Music Ministry, Apostleship of Prayer, Catholic Womens League, Mother Butler Guild, Greeters and Collectors, Lector Commentator, Special Minister of the Holy Eucharist, Couples for Christ, Samahan ng Birhen ng Lourdes, SFO, El Shaddai, Charismatic, Katipunan Chapel, SADPPMC (COOP),

Parkway, and EM. We want to join the Parish Youth Ministry because the youth of today will be the future of this parish.

What does the parish need?

The sounds from the speakers are not clear enough for the Word of God to be COMPLETELY understood by the Church. The most important things when you go to Mass are the messages of the priest and if you cant understand these messages

What is the point of even going to church!?

Reflection (Alec Bukuhan)

I didnt really have a relationship with the parish before the project. The family and I dont go to mass here. We just have mass here because of the project. My relationship with the parish strengthens every time I go there.

Reflection (Raf Florendo)

Honestly, I have NEVER been to this church before, but because of this Parish Alive project, I was required to go there. As we progressed in our project, I became closer to this Parish every time I went there. And as I became closer to this parish, I also became

closer to God and my faith in Him was strengthened.


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During the First Reading of the Holy Eucharist

During the Homily of the Holy Eucharist

During the Holy Communion of the Holy Eucharist