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Language is a mode of expressing our

thoughts and ideas . If the words are disarranged or there is a grammatical error then the whole meaning of the sentence may change. Misuse of language is generally one in the form of incorrect pronunciation and stressing on the wrong words.

Language misuse creates a false impression

on the other person.

It creates the misunderstaning among

People make fun of us.

Some examples:
I was amazed by the amount of

people who visited my website.

Mr. Smith was diagnosed with diabetes. The pronunciation of American

English is different to the British.

Other examples:
Will you pass me the salt ?

I would probably walk.

He is an American like I am.

I loaned him some money .

Someone forgot their shoes. If you had done your homework, you

wouldn't have failed the class.

If her fever increases any farther ,I will call

the doctor.
Give it to whoever you choose to give it to

I suggested ,Paul eat an apple.

John would eat if he were feel hungry. Someone forgot their shoes. A person is rude if they show no respect to

their hosts.

http://www.national.com/ds/LM/LM317.pdf The schematic is for a general purpose, variable voltage power supply. It is ideal for designing circuits or testing locomotives at the workbench. The output is adjustable between 1.25 and 13.5 Volts with a maximum current limit of 1.5 Amps. The LM317K regulator is internally protected from current and thermal overloads. A heat sink will be required for most applications however. The values of R1 and R2 are not critical but R1 should not be larger than 270 ohms. For a fixed voltage output R2 should be selected to give the desired maximum output voltage for a given R1 value or vise versa. See the calculation on the drawing. The diodes D1 and D2 in the circuit prevent damage to the regulator during certain adverse conditions such as the output voltage being higher than the input voltage to the regulator or the capacitor across R2 from discharging through the adjustment terminal of the regulator. These conditions will be rare but ten cents worth of protection can save the cost of a new regulator. An Ammeter could be added to the circuit by placing it between the filter capacitor and the input terminal of the regulator. The ammeter circuit located at the following link would work well for this purpose. Shunt Ammeter Circuit information
Data sheet for LM317 Adjustable Voltage Regulators -

The above examples makes it clear

that our way of saying and using correct pronunciation is very important.

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