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Classroom To Be Rules

Be on time with supplies and completed assignment.

Be considerate of yourself, others and property by listening carefully and following directions.

Provide assistance and help appropriately.

Of your work and your community.

Positive Consequences (rewards): - Praise and verbal compliments - Smiles - High fives - Positive notes - Help Mrs. Jones - Certificate of Excellence - Fun Friday (entire class must earn this)
Negative Consequences: - The look warning - Slip from the Act of Kindness Jar - Private conversation - Work separately - Fill out think sheet - Call parent or meeting with faculty - Involve the principal as last resort/Referral

Think Sheet
Name: ________________________________________________________________________ Date:___________________________________ Class Period:____________________________ Please fill out the following page to the best of your ability. Be honest and thoughtful, reflecting on the schools creed and the classroom rules. Take your time and write clearly. If you need to use an extra sheet of paper, feel free to do so, attaching it on the back. What was the problem? __________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ What caused the problem? _______________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ What is your personal plan to prevent this from happening again? _______________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Who would you like to make your accountability partner(s)? ____________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________
Teachers comments:

Other comments:

Students Signature: _____________________________ Teachers Signature ______________________

Please note: in severe cases students will not be given a referral without other warnings.

Procedures: Why we have them

A procedure is the way that we do things. To do things right, we have to follow some simple procedures, for example: - To open your locker, you have to select your combination as directed by the lock manufacturer. - To place a call on your phone, you need to enter the number in the right order. So, to be successful in learning, you need to follow some simple procedures.

Entering Class


Enter quietly. Begin immediately on your bell work and fill out your agenda.

During Instruction

Face and listen to the teacher or speaker. No pencil sharpening, talking or whispering. Raise your hand if you need to talk or ask a question. There are no dumb questions. Tell teacher if you are still unsure.

Attention! When the teacher or guest raises hand stop what you are doing and listen for further instruction. OR if the teacher shouts Math reply back Rules! stop what you are doing and listen respectfully.

OR if someone rings the bell, freeze immediately!

Keeping Your Notebook
You should have a 3-ring binder that is your math (and only math) notebook. It should be filled out daily. Write only in pencil. Re-write the question for bell work before responding. Follow outline pictured to the right. Keep your notebook clean and organized. Your notebook will be collected and graded. Take good care of your notebook and do not lose it.

To Participate

Have all supplies for the day. Follow directions. Be an active listener. Help others with a smile.

While you are working
Read or listen to directions carefully. If you dont understand ask someone in your group. If they dont understand place a standing book on your desk. If you are asked to help, whisper and be polite. Use your time wisely and put forth your best effort.


Follow outline correctly. Pencil only. If it is not a project or worksheet, use loose leaf paper (front and back is acceptable). Bring to class. When we grade, grade in purple or green pen.



Remain quiet for others. Check directions and your work for any errors. Help your group (if needed). See What can I do now? poster. When asked, at your group, combine assignment into one pile. Teacher will designate one student to pick up piles and place on desk beside Mrs. Jones kindergarten picture. To turn in test or quizzes place on teachers desk in front of apple picture frame. Stand up quietly. Go to either sharpener. Sit back down when finished. If there is a student at the sharpener wait until he or she is finished. Sharpen pencils during bell work and your time, not during instruction or speaker. Have back ups if necessary.

Collecting Papers

Pencil Sharpening



Come in classroom quietly. Stand by Mrs. Jones desk until she has time to instruct you, hand her your tardy pass. Go to your seat after you are given permission to do so. Start where the others students are and work quickly and quietly to get caught up. If you have further questions ask Mrs. Jones at the end of the class.

Show Mrs. Jones your pass/note. Check the absent pick up folder for your missing work slip and any worksheets. Copy down the missed bell ringer and notes from a peer. Absent work is to be turned in the following class period in the absent turn in folder. If you miss a test you need to schedule a time with Mrs. Jones to make up the test. I will not track you down to give or collect absent work. It is your responsibility.

Emergency Signals
Remain calm, quiet, and collected. Listen to teacher for directions to follow the schools plan of action. (go over emergency plans on wall)

Walk quietly on the right side of the hall. Keep your hands and objects to yourself.

Listen and pay attention. If the visitor is just to observe do not bother them. Remain calm, quiet and on task. If they are speaking ask appropriate questions at the given time.

Bathroom/water fountain can be used after lesson is taught. Raise your hand. If given permission, take the bathroom pass. Follow hallway procedures and return as quickly as possible. You might miss something fun!

Getting Sick
If an emergency, make it to the nearest trashcan or bathroom. If there is time, ask for permission to go to the nurses office.

Library or Office
Raise hand to ask permission. If given permission, the the appropriate pass. Follow hallway procedures and return as quickly as possible.

Food and Drink


Only water in bottles. Students will use ONLY THEIR bottle. Bathroom procedures can be followed to get drink. No outside food.

Getting and Returning Materials

Extra paper will be provided at the student bookshelf. If calculators are needed for an assignment Mrs. Jones will place them where each student can have access to them. Miscellaneous items (rulers, markers, etc.) one assigned student will get enough of item for their group. Another assigned student will return items before dismissal. Make sure all items are returned and your area is clean.

Group Work
The teacher will assign the groups and location to meet. Group work will be done quietly. All students will have to participate. One item will be turned in per group will all members names.

In The School
Follow the schools policies, procedures and be respectful to everyone.

Have your work area cleared. All supplies need to be returned to their proper location (pencils and pens in can). Students need to be seated. Wait for Mrs. Jones or a substitute to dismiss you. After given permission to leave, push in your chair and leave calmly and quietly.

Dismiss First Day!

Pass out parent letter Assignment Reminder
Create notebook cover needs your name, represent you (school appropriate), be colorful, cut out magazines, etc. Bring supplies Parents need to sign bottom of parent letter (return on Thursday)

Grading/Report Cards
You will not have grades, but expectations. Exceeding (EXC) or Mastery Student not only meets the standard but is able to demonstrate
a mastery above and beyond the standard.

Met (MET) To meet a standard the student needs to consistently demonstrate their
knowledge by having three or more pieces of evidence (assignments, quizzes, celebration of knowledge). Once students meet a goal, they must continue to produce work at or above that level to keep the rating. .

Emerging (EM1, EM2, EM3) Student has demonstrated a growing knowledge of the skill but is
not able to consistently demonstrate the skill yet or is lacking three pieces of evidence.

Not Met (NM) Student has not produced evidence of meeting the goal, but has made
attempts to do so. Student may not be ready for the skill yet. Students with this rating in a skill will receive individualized assistance in meeting the goal.

No Evidence (NE) Student has not produced enough work in order to determine skill level.
In the grade book your assignments will have a T for Turned in, M for Missing, L for Late

Grading/Report Cards
Work Habits - Factors include completed and organized notebook, time on task, effort, homework completion, readiness for class. 1 Needs improvement 2 Satisfactory 3 Excellent Quarterly Progress Will be determined with how you are doing as a student in our class 1 Insufficient progress for the term. 2 Student has made sufficient progress for the term. 3 Student has made a significant amount of progress this term. Honor Roll +/- rating + you are on honor roll - you are not on honor roll

Grading/Report Cards
We dont have test but celebration of knowledge! Cok! Late work late work is to be turned into the late work folder. Late work hurts you the student and will also lower your work habits rating. You cannot master a standard with late work. Late work can be turned in up until the second to last week of each quarter. Absent work for every day you are absent you have that many days to complete your work. Procedure: when you return to class, go to the absent pick up folder and find your page of information. Once completed return to absent turn in. Extra credit there is not any, to become a math master you have to show me evidence. What does it mean to show evidence?

Grading/Report Cards
Please note that your homework should not take more than 30-45 minutes a night. If you are having troubles and you have honestly put forth your best effort, have your parents sign the assignment. A signed assignment means that you will be staying after school for help. However, the assignment will NOT be considered late.