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Retailing Mix of Pantaloons

Overview of Pantaloons
Pantaloons is one of the leading retailer stores in the lifestyle segment of the consumer market in India. The brand serves its customers in 85 cities and 60 rural locations across the country Flagship company of Future Group Our other formats include Brand Factory, Ethnicity, Planet Sports, aLL and more.

Company Profile
Pantaloons is a part of the Future Group, and operates multiple retail formats in both the value and lifestyle segment of the Indian consumer market.

Headquartered in Mumbai, the company has over 1,000 stores across 71 cities in India and employs over 30,000 people, and as of 2010
The first Pantaloons was opened in Gariahat in 1997. Pantaloons stores have a wide variety of categories like casual wear, ethnic wear, formalwear, party wear and sportswear for Men, Women and Kids.

Company Profile
1987 Company incorporated as Manz Wear Private Limited by Kishore Biyani . The company launched Pantaloons trouser, India's first formal trouser brand. 1992 Initial public offer (IPO) was made in the month of May. In 1994, The Pantaloon Shoppe - exclusive menswear store in franchisee format was launched across the country.

Store Location

Supply Chain management

Merchandisin g

IT task

Private Labels

Sales Promotio n

Retail Mix
Store Managemen t Store Atmosph ere


People Management

Positioning of store & Brand Building

Store Location
Pantaloons is situated very close to the main road.
Mulund, LBS Road Vashi near railway station close to Raghuleela and Inorbit Mall

Shopping Centre

Pantaloons at Center One Mall

Inorbit Mall

Raghuleela Mall

Pantaloon s


R-Mall Lifestyle

Big Bazaar

Bar code - each merchandise Different MC (merchandise code) for different wear. E.g.; graphic tees, stripes, blue checked shirt etc

Product Offering at Pantaloons

Pantaloon Brands Women s

Non Pantaloon Brands Women s














Brands Available
MENS WEAR John Miller JM Sports Bare Denim Rig Ajile Lombard Bare Leisure Blue Diamond and many more
LADIES WEAR Rang Manch Akriti Annabelle Ajile Rig Biba Trisha Scullers 1090 F

KIDS WEAR Bare Rig Sach Lee Cooper

Honey and many more

ACCESSORIES Cosmetics Jwellery Perfume & Deodorant

Private Labels
UMM Bare Leisure Urban Yoga Annabelle Honey Ajile JM sports

Pink & Blue Rig Turtle Rangmach Trisha Aakriti Urbana Jealous 21

High turnover

Low Margin

High Margin

As the brand provides wide variety of products and caters to large number of customers, it falls under LOW MARGIN- HIGH TURNOVER. The prices of products are common for all pantaloon store and are decided by Zonal Head.

Low turnover

Store Management
Visual Merchandising Store Atmosphere

Store Layout
Line of Business

Visual Merchandising
The interior look of the store designed by Zonal head office
Covers all the things from types of clothes to wears on mannequins, EPPs etc Photos of arrangement of brands and layout of store is decided & is common to all Pantaloon stores Mannequins, window display, window dressing

Store atmosphere
Pantaloons follows a free form of store layout. Music Mostly soft music is preferred, no particular music beat is followed, no Yashraj music.

Light coloured light(bulbs) mostly yellow coloured light

Store Layout

A common design of layout is followed in each of the Pantaloon store with respect to brands and clothes arrangement Pantaloons fall under following categories- Departmental stores, Malls, E-retailers. Here when it comes to arranging the clothes, same type of clothes are put up together in different sizes so that same clothes are available for every size at one point only. Line of Business


Positioning of store & Brand Building

Initially positioned as a family store, it finally veered towards becoming a fashion store with and emphasis on youths and clear focus on FRESH FASHION. They are targeting youth and even women, since they are the ones defining most purchasing decisions.

People Management
Targets for each employee
Weekly targets, Weekend targets, Brand targets

Employee motivation
Play games with employees on weekends Distribute certificate & awards for some special achievements Follow KYBC (Know Your Big Customer) concept
Additional benefits such as meal passes Gifts & chocolates

Encouragement for the task achieved

Sales Promotion
Magazines, newspapers, television, radios , hoardings, internet etc for promoting the brand . They have joint ventures and alliances with many companies to promote the brand. Seasonal Discounts , Sales Discounts during Festivals are offered to attract consumers.

Green Card benefits

Star Rating

3 star

5 star

7 star





Discount *




Fashion Friday discount

Additional 5%

Additional 5%

Additional 5%

*All the benefits are calculated on yearly basis

First 2 days of sale for Green card customers Family constitutes 60% of customers Young generation constitutes 40% of customers* T24 mobile connection for purchase upto certain limit
Coupons generated according to bill.

* Store Manager of Pantaloons Vashi & Mulund

Supply Chain
Dept. Manager & Operation head looks into the stock SKU for brands come from Head office Warehouses for stock keeping in the store. A common check (mail is sent) A method of auto replenishment mode is followed for stock

IT task
ERP software An auto replenish mode system is followed


Special Thanks
Miss Sneha, (Operation head), Pantaloons Vashi Mr. Feroz, (Store Manager), Pantaloons Vashi Mr. Manish, (Store Manager), Pantaloons Mulund Miss Mukta Khapre, Marketing professor