Brand Architecture Types of Brands

Dr. Sibichan Mathew


Agenda • Discuss the six models in the management of brand-product (or service) relationships • Revisiting Positioning 2 .

• Should the brand name be that of the company or distinct from it? • Your views… 3 .

The Product Brand • The product brand strategy encompasses assigning a different brand name to each product of the organization. • In other words. 1979) • Eg. • Each product is marketed under a separate brand name. „Post-it‟. Such companies have as many brands as the number of products. Bounty. Mars. • “Branduct” (Swiners. one brand is assigned to only one product. 4 .

Graphical representation of product brand Product 1 Brand X Product 2 Brand Y Product 3 Brand Z Eg. ITC‟s Products/Brand P&G 5 .

The Line Brand • The line brand strategy is practised by companies that market the complete product line with same brand name. which the brand assigned to the line of various product targeted for men. • Line responds to the concern of offering one coherent product under a single name by proposing many complementary products (Botton and Cegarra. L‟Oreal 6 . 90) • The example of this type of branding strategy is reflected in the brands like Old spice.

Graphical representation of a line brand Brand A Brand B Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 It reinforces the selling power of the brand and creates a strong brand image It leads to the ease of distribution for line extensions It reduces launch costs 7 .

It differs from the line brand strategy as various product line can be assigned a single brand name. • Harvest Gold 8 .The Range Brand • This branding strategy offers a single brand to a range of products. • This strategy is still better than the line brand strategy because still more number of brands can be marketed under this strategy. Ex. Include Maggi Noodles and Maggi Tomato Ketchups from Nestle. • This strategy is applied by the companies marketing food products.

Range brand Strategy Range 1 Range 2 Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 Product 1 Product 2 Product 3 9 .

Canon cameras. 10 . • It has to be noted. however. Canon Printers. Canon photocopiers and Canon fax machines. that each product under the umbrella brand strategy continues to support its own generic name.The Umbrella brand • The umbrella brand strategy distinguishes itself by assigning the same brand to several products in several product line and over several product ranges. • For example.

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