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Development of Energy Efficiency Label for Residential Buildings in India

Internship Presentation
Sahil Dave 2009 UCE 195 Batch CE-3

Layout of My Presentation

About the Institute

About my Project

About my Work

And my presentation goes like

About The Institute

Design, Analyze and Implement

University of Applied Science & Arts, NW Switzerland

Training in Institut Energie am Bau, Muttenz Institute under Hochschule fur Architektur, Bau und Geomatik Major institute for research on efficient energy use and renewable energies in buildings Institute divided in three groups Building Technology Building Group MINERGIE Building Agency My project under Building Group

About My Project

Drops make an ocean

Context of My Project
MoU signed between Switzerland & India in Fall 2011 Global Programme on Climate Change India, 2011 incorporated in Climate Change and Development (SDC) Programme, 1992 Transferring energy efficiency labels (MINERGIE) and regulations to India Other Goals Promoting energy efficiency in small industries, CoHosted with TERI Utilizing energy resources like biomass and micro-hydro to generate electricity Biomass as an energy source to develop sustainable energy paths

About MINERGIE-India
Labels in India Major energy labels in India: BEE - Bureau of Energy Efficiency LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Less weightage given to electrical efficiency of building Label easy to achieve without energy efficient building Inefficient for residential buildings MINERGIE Focuses only on electrical efficiency Cheaper than BEE and LEED Viable pre-requisites Well suited for residential buildings

About My Work

All work and no play

Preliminary Work
Learning ESP-r on Windows Getting Familiar with Cygwin and other forms of Linux OS. Studying thesis on How to efficiently reduce cooling needs in new residential buildings in the composite climate of India Brushing up knowledge of AutoCAD Studying concepts of HVAC, SHGC's, solar control.

Development of Models
Abhiyan Apartments Dwarka (NCR)

Site Area/ total built-up 1.5 Acres/ 9475 m2/ area/ FAR 1.6 Types of residential unit 3 BHK Residential unit area excluding balcony No. of floors: No. of residential units 81 m2 Ground + 7 4 residential units per floor 96

Landscape area (green): 20% Power Backup: Available Limited

Development of Models

Variations in Models
Simulation based on climates of : Delhi Bangalore Chennai Construction Variations Wall Type 4 Glass Type 3 Orientation of Building 4 Air Ventilation & Infiltration Network On/Off Cooling System 2 Total models = 576 Models Total Results File for Analysis= 576 x 2 = 1152 Files

Methodology for Analysis

Base Model
No Insulation Single Pane Glass
Current Situation

Insulation Test Model

Walls with four types of Insulation Double Glazed Glass Window

Solar Control Test Model

Wall Insulation from Model 2 Double Glazed Window with Solar Control

Final Results
SCENARIO Baseline Model Second Third Fourth Wall Type Window Type Cooling Load (KWHrs) 4725 3396 2672 2664 Percentage Comparison 100 % 71.9% 56.5% 56.4%

No Insulation No Insulation Insulation 10 cm Insulation 10 cm

Single CFC CFC CFC with Controls

Final Check Model/ Results


Final Material Used

100 mm Mineral Fibre Insulation Saint-Gobain PLANITHERM_UL East Not used

Details of Material
U Value = 0.33 W/(m2K) Original = 2.0 W/(m2K) Emissivity = 0.037

Insulated Glass

Orientation Solar Blinds

10-15% Lower Cooling Load than maximum (west)

Reduces only 1% compared to w/o controls

Further Study Required

Availability of materials in India Manufacturing of materials in India Cost comparison of materials Cost comparison of installation Payback period of investment Requirement of skilled labour Setting up institute to research new material

Indian Meteorological Department www.imd.gov.in National Building Code of India, 2005 Energy Conservation Building Code, India ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers) The International Weather for Energy Calculation (IWEC) files

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