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The Stone Roses Concert Series Heaton Park June 29th, 30th and July 1st

Major Concerts In Heaton Park

Major concerts are the exception not the norm but realise strategic value to the the park and the City-Region. Attract new park users and develop repeat visits. Increase visitor numbers from outside the region and encourage visitors to stay longer Attract major music events of national and international reach; nurture and develop music events indigenous to Manchester, maximising their economic and social potential. Add value to the city-regions music venue portfolio and to the cultural offer of Manchester. Augment and improve Heaton Park's capacity and resources to facilitate and deliver high quality events of all sizes and create a legacy in terms of the Parks improved infrastructure and services. Manage Heaton Park efficiently and effectively, particularly by improving its financial base and developing private sector partnerships.

Event Application Assessment

To balance the need to provide adequate protection to the amenity of neighbouring residents with the rights of the broader community to enjoy significant events
the level and nature of the disruption; the number of events each year; the time at which the event takes place; the spread of events during the year; and the amount of warning (prior notification) provided to residents about upcoming events. sound control management, a review of traffic, transport and parking arrangements and impacts in the community areas surrounding the park.

MCC agreement to work with Manchester based promoter SJM on all Cat B and Cat C music concert events to provide continuity and develop best practice so that issues can be addressed.

Heaton Park Suitability To Host

Capacity Management and Venue Capability: Heaton Park 640 acres Concert Site 10% of park Traffic and Transport Infrastructure Good Public Transport Links Licensed Capacity 80,000 Cat B events 20,000 49,999 Cat C events 50,000 79,999 Stone Roses Concerts 75,000 Event Planning Priority - to get people into the park and off the highway / out of the local community area pre and post event to minimise impact.

Major Concerts Economic Impacts

Wider Economy New Economy Manchester estimate economic impact to the city region of hosting Stone Roses Concerts in excess of 23m. Heaton Park Annual Budget Operating budget for the park 1.1m - Manchester City Council Funding - 500k - Income Target - 600k - Stone Roses Income - 250k Additional benefits: Promoter has invested in improvements to roads, drainage, steps, fencing and surface protection that will benefit future events and everyday operations.

Local Community Impact

Communications Management of ingress and egress Traffic and Transport Plan Security Cleansing Anti Social Behaviour Noise Management

Pre-event Communications
Residents Letter (Distributed to 6,000 households) Ticket Holder Information / Social Media Drop In Session and Organised Meetings Local Media Information Website Information and emails

Identified Issues:
Door to door leaflet distribution some households did not receive Need to target specific information to impacted streets eg those affected by road closures Letter should have identified firework finale content Other areas of information required eg restrictions on access to the park,

Residents Hotline
Service staffed by MCC Wednesday 27th June Sunday 1st July Total Number of Calls Taken - 681
Road Closures / Parking Public Transport Litter / Street Cleaning Noise Anti- Social Behaviour Other / multi issues 228 24 26 121 109 121 33.4% 3.5% 3.8% 17.8% 16% 17.8%

Total Number Of Calls escalated for action 115 Return calls to update on action where appropriate
Post Event: Total number of written complaints including those received via stoneroses@manchester.gov.uk 79

Traffic and Transport Plan

Metrolink Park and Ride City Centre Shuttle Bus Coaches and mini buses Pick Up and Drop Off Taxi Management Walking Route Parking Enforcement Road Closures Motorway Junction Closure

Issues: Mini-bus and Taxi pick up and drop off on highway Street Parking enforcement operation in place, no cars impounded Vehicles contravening regulations were moved on Volume of post event traffic on Scholes Lane / Bury Old Road to Kings Lane Signage and cones need to increase number and visibility To look at legislation and practicality of Residents Parking scheme in key areas

External To The Park - 25 designated security on Sheepfoot Lane and Bury Old Road from morning - augmented on egress - Crowd flows arrival spread across the day with approx 20% of audience arriving between 20:00 and 21:00. - Police event specific operation 21 arrests - Ticket Touts, Street Traders, Food Vendors, counterfeit goods (4.5k of counterfeit goods seized) - Management of alcohol consumption (DPPO) signage and enforcement to be reviewed, priority is to get audience into the park area. - Cost of the security operation met by the Promoter Issues - Need to extend numbers and hours of security and review deployment and co-ordination.

Manchester, Bury and Rochdale Councils provided the cleansing operation for the area external to the park all costs met by SJM

Concert Site and Park areas managed by private contractor at cost of SJM
Cleansing operation covered through to day after the concert Reported issues of rubbish, street washing etc escalated for action

AntiSocial Behaviour
Public Urination / Availability of Toilets - Issues reported of public urination in areas surrounding the park including at peoples private property. - Issues identified re: provision of facilities and enforcement against behaviour - 140 toilets located external to the concert site - locations and numbers at each location to be reviewed - additional fenced off areas and security monitoring to review Alcohol Management - DPPO in place, requires review of enforcement and external management, information provision to encourage ticket holders with alcohol into the park. Noise Management public on egress - movement of city centre shuttle into the park improved time of egress - need to review controls to reduce pick ups from residential areas.

Noise Management
Noise Monitoring Results From The Concert
- Highest noise levels recorded external to the event site:
Front Of House Ostrich Lane Eastleigh Road Friday 98 71 72 Saturday 98 73 73 Sunday 98 72 74

No variation to upper sound level in the venue - maximum limit external to the park of 80dB(A)laeq,15min comfortably complied with. Reports of changes to volume levels will have been influenced by changes to climate conditions on each day.
Fireworks - should have been included in pre-event information Backstage Noise Management Post Event - hospitality area poorly located created post event issues Helicopter - Film Company helicopter caused issues on the Friday not permitted to operate on following nights. Police helicopter deployed on each evening to monitor egress.

Post Event - Reinstatement

Impact of high rainfall across the summer Additional ground protection measures brought in to play prior to the event by SJM Core responsibilities for reinstatement agreed with promoters prior to the event expanded reinstatement operation agreed with contractor following event de-rig Weather conditions in July delayed contractor ability to undertake works Costs of reinstatement works met by SJM

Targeted Areas Of Improvement:

Review of controls in external environment / management of access and egress of audience to reduce potential for antisocial behaviour Additional traffic and transport measures review of enforcement operation or controls that can be implemented to reduce pick up and drop off from taxis, mini-buses and private vehicles on highway external to the park. Review of extending road closure options in immediate vicinity of the park for egress Options to be explored re: viability of a Residents Parking Scheme for major events at identified locations Communications review of controls for letter drops and expanding communication channels pre event. Cross Authority liaison and working practices including event day communication and problem solving to be reviewed.