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A shariah-based Islamic bank first in malaysia

Established on March 1, 1983

Start a business as a commercial bank in July 1983 Has opened 125 branches across the country

Islamic Bank has been awarded the Platinum Award

for being the Reader's Digest Trusted Brands Have been recognised as Malaysias fourth strongest bank Occupying the 53rd position on the list of Asia Pacific strongest banks in 2011



Current deposits accepted under the law alwadiah savers are given a checkbook and related services to the current account deposit can only be issued by check at anytime The bank may request permission from savers to use the funds in the account, but all the profit gained is owned bank Current Account-i

2) Savings Accounts
Accept deposits in deposit accounts in

accordance with the law of al-wadiah Depositors can withdraw deposits through deposit books at anytime Deposit in a savings account can be used by the bank The result of the utilization of profit will be owned by the bank Bank can provide some benefit to savers Mudharabah Savings Account-i, Basic Savings account-I, Wadiah Savings Account-i

3) Investment Deposit Account

a partnership under the laws of al-mudarabah
Deposits not included can be issued at anytime Issued in accordance with the agreed term

If there is a loss in investment, only depositors will

suffer losses Sakinah Investment Account-i, general Investment Account-i

Financing Deposit Rates FINANCING RATES Baiti For latest financing rates on Baiti Home Financing-i, kindly contact your nearest Bank Islam branch.

For latest financing rates on Wahdah Home Financing-i, kindly contact your nearest Bank Islam branch.

For latest financial rates, kindly contact our nearest Automobile Financing Center.
Personal Financing

Profit Margin Personal Financing Non Package

1 - 5 years 6.8% p.a.

6 - 7 years 7.0% p.a.

Base Financing Rate (BFR) Base Financing Rate (BFR) Effective 16 May 2011 6.60% p.a.

DEPOSIT RATES Profit Rates from 16 September 2012 to 15 October 2012 Deposit Product Al-Awfar Savings Account* PSR Customer : Bank 2 : 98 Rate % p.a 0:05

There have some types of investments held in Bank

Islam :


Bank Islam offers the General Investment Account-i


gain profit through investment.

Based on Mudharabah contract, you as the provider of capital and the Bank as the entrepreneur. Profit gained investment will be shared between both

parties according to previously determined ratio.


Minimum Investment

RM500 for 3 months and above tenure RM1,000 for 1 month tenure

Types of general investment

Individual Acount Trust Account Joint Account Partnership Account Private Company Account



Bank Islams Corporate Investment Banking Division (CIB) is the provision and development of

total Islamic financial solutions for our corporate clientele.

Bank Islam is able to offer client Shariah-based corporate and investment banking products and

services tailored to their specific needs.

Corporate investment banking Services

CIB offers a wide range of corporate advisory and fund raising services through its Corporate Finance, Debt Capital Markets and Corporate Banking departments which cover the equity capital market, debt capital market and bank market respectively.

These services include:1. Islamic Securities 2. Corporate Financing 3. Syndicated Financing 4. Project Advisory and Financing 5. Debt Restructuring 6. Takeovers, Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestments 7. General Corporate Advisory 8. Secondary Offerings


Specially for retirees and those who have some reserves to invest. Provides an opportunity to enjoy higher profit sharing ratio as well as hassle-free

Bank Islam Card and Consumer Financing Package at an attractive rate.

Characteristic & Benefits:1. Minimum investment RM50,000 2. Tenure 12-60 months, renewable

3. Profit is distributed based on profit-sharing ratio as determined by the

4. The reviewed profit sharing ratio will not affect the existing deposits. 5. Monthly profit directly credited into your current/savings account 6. Specially for retirees 7. Zakat is paid by the Bank 8. Special arrangement can be made for the customer to apply for our

consumer financing products, i.e. Personal, Housing, Vehicle and Bank Islam card on a one-to-one basis.

Types of Financing:1. 2. 3.

House & Fixed Asset Financing Vehicle Financing Personal Financing



Rate / Amount

All types of property/ land financing

Late Payment Charge

+1% Per year for installments in arrears Note: Overdue accounts are based on money market rate RM50.00 RM50.00 per request

House & Fixed Asset Redemption Statement Financing Photocopy of Bank's Document

Confirmation letter (with RM20.00 or without document) for withdrawal from the Employees' Provident Fund (EPF)

Subject for Vehicle Financing Stamp Duty


Rate / Amount RM20.00 (without guarantor) RM30.00 (with guarantor) RM10.00

Road Tax Renewal Charges

Services charge for performing settlement on used car financing Transfer of name and ownership (with Statutory Declaration from Commissioner of Oath)


RM140.00 (East Malaysia) RM270.00 (Peninsular Malaysia)

Transfer of name and ownership (with Statutory Declaration prepared by dealer) PUSPAKOM inspection

RM140.00 (East Malaysia) RM250.00 (Peninsular Malaysia)

RM100.00 (East Malaysia RM130.00 (Peninsular Malaysia) RM50.00 (East Malaysia) RM100.00 (Peninsular Malaysia)

Ownership endorsement (Refinancing)

Subject Cashline-i


Rate / Amount At +1% per year for installment in arrears Note: Overdue accounts are based on money market rate

Personal Financing-i Share Financing-i

Late Payment Charge

Subject Personal Financing-i

Charges Early Settlement

Rate / Amount At Bank Islam's discretion

Tawarruq Wakalah Agency Fee

Share Financing-i Handling Charge


0.2% of selling price

Advance Profit

1 month in advance at 8.50% p.a. for settlement within Grace period

Auto-Teller Machine & Cash Deposit Machine Services For Tabung Haji Customers
Service Offered
Cash Deposit Cash Withdrawal Balance Inquiry

RM1.00 per transaction RM1.00 per transaction No Charges

Strategic Partnership Bank Islam - Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH);

Uniteller Service
Uniteller is Bank Islams counter service which enables TH customers to

perform cash transactions such as deposit (cash and non-cash),

withdrawal and fund transfer as well as non-cash transactions such as account opening, passbook maintenance and Hajj registration at Bank Islam branches.
Transactions can be done at all Bank Islam 104 branches nationwide and

780 self-service terminals nationwide.

No. 1.

Transaction Account Opening Adult Account Children Account


Counter Services Deposit Transaction Through Counter Withdrawal Transaction Through Counter
Passbook Maintenance Passbook replacement Passbook update Printing of new account number Funds Transfer between TH account Hajj Registration


4. 5.

Property Auctions
Corporate / Commercial Residential Consumer


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