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Workgroup 2
Kim Manner Lilit Haroyan Tram VoKumamato Jennifer Lange

The Purpose
Develop report templates to gather information about: Campus Projects with internal and external audiences Effectiveness and progress of the projects, with measurable results Share the best practices to support other campuses as they prepare to implement Habits of Minds initiatives.

What Has Been Done

Samples of progress reports from various grants and 3CSN initiatives were gathered and reviewed. Online and Conference call collaboration was conducted within HoM Workgroup 2 to discuss the samples and make recommendations. Key Indicators for HoM projects were obtained and a form was designed to elicit information regarding the above mentioned indicators.

The Report Template

1. College: 2. Date of Report: 3. Contact person

(Name, Phone Number, and Email Address):

4. Habits Targeted
From the list below, please indicate which habits of mind your initiative targets:

The Report Template (key indicators)

1. Persisting

2. Managing impulsivity 3. Listening with understanding and empathy 4. Thinking flexibly 5. Thinking about your thinking (Metacognition) 6. Striving for accuracy 7. Questioning and problem posing 8. Applying past knowledge to new situations

9. Thinking and communicating with clarity and precision 10. Gather data through all senses 11. Creating, imagining, and innovating 12. Responding with wonderment and awe 13. Taking responsible risks 14. Finding humor 15. Thinking interdependently 16. Remaining open to continuous learning

The Report Template

5. Intervention Implemented
Please provide a description of the initiative, as well as the number of students impacted by the intervention:

6. Outcomes
Please provide a report of your initiatives impact to date in the chart below. For each Habit of Mind your initiative targets, indicate the intervention performed and the tool used to assess the initiatives impact, as well as the outcome that was achieved. Please be as specific as possible when listing the outcomes (e.g., Retention in Math 101 improved by 7% during the Fall 2012 semester).

The Report Template

Persisting Managing impulsivity

Interventio Assessment n Tool

Expected Outcome

Actual Outcome

Action Plan
Based on the outcomes of this intervention, what changes, if any, will you make in the upcoming semester?