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Class Date Time No. of pupils Pupils level Theme Topic Focused skill Integrated skills : 5 Utarid : 7 August 2012 : 9.15 a.m 10.15 a.m : 32 / 32 : Intermediate : World of knowledge : Nature : Reading : Speaking and writing

Curriculum specifications : 2.51 - Give details about the people and animals of a story heard or read 3.52 Read and give details about the people and animals in the story 3.85 Read and understand cause and effect relationships 4.11 Copy words, phrases and sentences in clear, legible cursive writing

General objective : At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to read and understand the cause and effect relationship of the nature

Specific objectives : At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to :. Identify 30 nouns correctly out of 36 nouns Answer 3 questions out of 4 questions asked by the teacher Educational emphases : CCTS reasoning , describing, comparing, relating, identifying Language content grammar nouns Vocabulary Autumn, Summer, Spring, Winter, Scenery

Moral values

Teaching aids

: - Thankful to God -Environmental awareness -Cooperative : Big book, pictures, worksheet

Previous knowledge : Pupils already know about the seasons at overseas


Contents Stage / Time

Teaching and learning

Remarks / Teaching aids

strategy 1. Teacher asks pupils Teaching aids

Set Four seasons induction

(5 min) Spring Summer Autumn Winter

who have been to the Pictures overseas Moral values Environmental awareness CCTS Relating, describing

2. Teacher shows 4
pictures of spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons. 3. Pupil will guess the pictures 4. Pupils write the answers on the white board


Four seasons 1. Teacher shows a Big Book entitled Four Seasons to the pupils (10 Spring 2. Pupils discuss the cover minutes) Summer of the Big Book with Autumn the teacher. Winter


Teaching aids

Big Book (Appendix 1)

CCTS Describing, relating

Moral value Environmental awareness



Four seasons

(20 minutes)

Spring Summer Autumn Winter

1. Teacher reads the story and pupils repeat after the teacher 2. Pupils read the story again together 3. Teacher asks questions : Q1 Where is Richo from? Q2 How many seasons does he has in his country? Q3 What happen to the trees during autumn? Q4 Which season shows the coldest and chilly weather?


Relating, inferring, comparing

Teaching aids Big book Moral Value Thankful to God

A1 United Kingdom A2 4 Seasons A3 The leaves are getting gold in colour and fall down A4 Winter


1. Pupils are divided into 8 groups #Countable 2. Each group is given a (20 Nouns worksheet . minutes) #Uncountable 3. The contents is the Nouns passages from the Big #Collective Book nouns 4. Pupils need to read the passages and identify #Concrete 36 nouns from the Nouns worksheet. #Abstract 5. Pupils will write their Nouns answers on whiteboard #Pronouns 6. Teacher discusses the answers with pupils





Moral value Cooperative

Teaching aid


1. Teacher will play a song and pupils will pass a (5 minutes) box around Spring 2. Before play the song, Summer teacher asks pupils Autumn what they have learned Winter and the moral values they get today Nouns 3. When the song stops, #Countable Nouns last person with the box #Uncountable will answer the Nouns question #Collective nouns 4. This steps continue to two or three pupils to #Concrete Nouns answer the question #Abstract Nouns


Four seasons

CCTS Relating, describing Teaching aids Song, a small box