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Barrameda, Maica Angela Javier, Janah Kariza Okamoto, Eimie Silvestre, Jemelle BM4A

First manufactured in the Philippines in 1972 through Holland Milk Products, Inc. (HOMPI), a partnership between AMC's former parent company, General Milling Corporation (GMC)

They offer ready to drink milks, nutritionals, sterilized milks, cream, coffee creamer, filled milk and powdered milk.

It is one of the biggest dairy industries in the country which is

consistently leading milk company in the Philippines

They promote healthy lifestyle by providing sports events for

adults which is team Alaska Aces from PBA, Alaska Power Camp for youth and traditional races for kids that promotes



The supplier of AMC are from the local and international supplier of dairy products



New entrants

Established dairy companies in the country.

AMCs Buyers


Sari-Sari Store


Fast-food Chain Restaurants

Public markets

AMC primarily serves to end consumers (households)

through being present in supermarkets, public markets and

sari-sari stores. Aside from this, the company also have businesses as its customer. These businesses may be in the form of restaurants, fast-food chains, hotels or market stalls which uses milk products as its ingredient in that food that it offers to customers. AMC is a local company which serves to local customers. It is still venturing into export

business within the Asian region.

Basis for AMC Pricing

A. Cost of Raw materials - the cost of raw materials such as the price of can which is used to their packaging, price of milk itself and shipping cost that can be incurred when

importing products from the other country.

B. Price of their competitors - their strategy is to lower their price for 5% than Nestle. C. Economic condition of the Philippines

- they increase their price if the economy is doing

5 major determinants of demand for the companys primary product

A. Income - First is the income, because plenty of their buyers are using milk for their own business and they are consistently buying milk, if their business is consistently successful then

theyre income is high then perhaps there will be demand for their products.
B. Prices of Related Goods - the price of related goods, if the price of the other brand is lower than AMC, the demand of the product from that brand will be higher than AMC C. Advertising and Consumer Tastes - Advertising and consumer tastes, people demand from them on how much they know the product from the TV commercial. It is a huge factor for their product since it helps to

promote the brand and to meet their goal. Another is population, and consumer

D. Consumer Expectations
- The consumers tend to consume the product that meets their expectation and their taste or preferences. E. Population - Population in the other hand is also a determinant of demand for AMCs product since its the basis of how much quantity theyll produce and also the basis on the pricing of their products in order to meet their goal. It is the number of the target consumer. If the number of consumer is not that large, the demand of the product will be not that high. But if there are a large number of consumers, there are chances that the demand is high.

Variables to detect changes in the determinants of demand:

The variables that the company uses to detect changes in these determinants of demand:

A. Volume of customer purchases - This is to see how much quantity the customers are acquiring. When

the customers acquisition of the product is lessen, that means the

product is not that selling. B. Shelf space of products in the table

- Shelf space of products in the table this is where owner of the stores
wont be putting the AMCs product on long shelf space if its not selling. C. Market share of products versus competitors

The sales plot of the company which tells that AMC rely mostly on the seasonality of the product
TOTAL Alaska Milk Products



15,000,000 Sales



7. Elasticity

Snow mountain




Process of Production Price Range Product Positioning Usage Size Ingredients Ta r g e t M a r k e t