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AxioMx is applying knowledge gained from the past 15 years of human genome sequencing to produce highly specific recombinant antibodies against the human proteome. The existing antibody development paradigm is too slow and does not always result in consistent, renewable, and quality antibodies. Through proprietary advances in traditional phage display antibody library design, phage display screening and affinity maturation technologies, we rapidly generate antibodies at the required binding and specificity criteria. At AxioMx, we believe our platform will lead to the wide adoption of recombinant antibody use in research and diagnostic applications.

Introducing Custom Antibody Services

AxioMx offers custom recombinant antibody discovery and development services ranging from peptide synthesis to large-scale antibody production. Our custom antibody design and development process begins by understanding the antigen and establishing our customer's specification requirements for each antibody. Together we determine the desired antibody specificity, affinity, structural modifications, labels or tags, based on the applications and sample types with which the antibody will be used. The result is an application-optimized antibody that works. The AxioMx Antibody Development Team is comprised of proteomic and genomic experts. Together, we work with you from design to delivery of your custom antibody. Our focus is the quality of your experience working with us and the quality of your custom antibody.

Technology Summary
AxioMx has developed synthetic recombinant antibody libraries, commonly known as phage display libraries, with greater than ten billion unique clones. Diversity in our libraries is restricted to the most variable positions in the complementarity determining regions (CDRs) of natural antibody sequences. Our antibody frameworks have been optimized for protein expression, and our libraries efficiently generate binders to peptides as well as protein antigens. We utilize a "rapid liquid approach" in our automated phage display screening methodology to select for antibodies with both high affinity and high specificity.

A Complete Services Offering. From Peptides to Production.

Our range of services include phage display library development and screening services, epitope mapping, affinity maturation, antibody structural modification, and antibody production.

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