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continuing education is all the learning activities that occurs after an individuals has completed his basic educations.


Recommendation of continuing education

Definite policies of deporting 5 to 10 percent staff for higher studies Deputation must be made compulsory. Each nursing personnel must attend two refreshers course every year. Necessary budgetary provision is education. National institute for nursing education research and training need to be established.


The primary objectives are the improvement of professional practice. It keeps the nursing staff enthusiastic in their learning and makes them seek latest knowledge. It keeps the nurse abreast with the development of techniques and thus enables them to implement the same with skill ability. It courses the nurse the intelligence to intelligence to under of further studies and to equip themselves with work research and development.

Type of continuing education

Centralized in service training. Decentralized in service education.

Combined or coordinated in service education



Participant Involved
People to be served. Lose of learning. Need for additional learning opportunities. Responsibility for self-development. Accountability.

B :- Resources To be Involved
Educational and health service. Facilities (adequate and available). Physical space conference room, equipment classroom. Library books A.V. Aid.

C:- Community TO BE Studied

Community common needs. Real problem, Man Power supply & demand.

D:- Planning
1 Objectives: The educational programme with planned and organized, clearly started. Objectives to be used for determining types of audience content methodology and evaluation.

I n d i v i d u a l s .


Local: Getting help from local, cooperate in planning with educational & health service institution. State: coordinate with the state SNA activities health or geographic basic. National: Cooperative and help from national health agencies and institutions

Planning Elements
Who Participants or learner. Why Philosophy goals & objectives. How programme, seminar, conference, workshop fieldwork etc. Where Setting education institution or any other agency. When Time place. What content & format learning experience.

Principles : Provision for school and nursing faculty involvement in planning and teaching the continuing nursing education courses. An adequate staff is essential to planning , implementing and evaluating a programme. The community may serve as a liaison. Continuing nursing education programme may be decentralized (i.e. faculty of an academic depart would initiate, plan implement and evaluate it own programme of centenary education) or centralized a separate department of extension division is responsible for the continuing nursing education programme of the entire university.

Goal : To improve and maintain nursing practice. To promote and exercise leadership in effecting change in health care delivery system and full change in health care delivery system and full fill professional learning needs. Other goals include helping nurses become specialized in a particular area of practice and teaching nurses new skill and technique

Features : Unified approach. Relation ship with other system. Comprehensiveness. Accessibility for women health workers. Integration with the management process. Analysis of need as a basis for learning continuity. Internally coordinated. Relevance in planning. Credibility and economic.

Needs : To ensure safe and effective nursing care. To meet of the needs of population and should Cates to the needs of service. Development of nurses. For career advancement. Professional role are altered as society changes and as new knowledge and technologies emerge. If the nursing professional, is to respond effectively, to the challenge of developing wise leadership competent practitioners. Current social changes must be recognized and future ones foreseen. To acquires specialized skill of personnel and meet technologic adjuncts. The professional forces like change function of nurse. Nurses with research aptitude and preparation are needed. Nurses in administrative positions need to increase their understanding of the administrative process and to design effective method of maximizing the contribution of services to patients. Nursing function require a high degree of skill, knowledge competence and educational preparation. The demand for specialized nursing service is increasing more rapidly. Planned programmes are needed to increase their competence os practitioners. Need for additional preparation for the position are already holding or to prepare themselves for other positions.

Function : To meet the health needs and public expectation. To develop the practicing abilities of the nurse. Recruitment function. Recognize gaps in their knowledge. To test ability to do final academic study. To improve the communication b/w the participant faculty, community and health sector. To test the participant ability to do formal academic study. To shape or support university educational policies and practice. To ensure the quality of education. To grant budget for extension studies. To maintain academic standards. To meet educational requirements.

Elements :

Learners as a person, a nurse and as a citizen. Thus continuing nursing education is seen as a totality. Diversity is a part of learning process. The learner is his life plays, any different roles.. It aims as self-directed learning. Teacher / Nurse educator: He has to accept the concept of life long learning and his responsibilities to encourage nurses to participating in different types of education activities. Educator must be aware of sources of information. teacher task is to help the student how to learn. Teacher should act as a role model. The Teacher is a dispenser of wisdom and knowledge guide in the learning process, assisting wherever appropriate, encourages the activities that promoter individuals thought