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Week 4 31 July 6 August 2006

AGENDA Entrepreneurial process Basic Behavior and Attitude Entrepreneurial Culture Personality and Skill Development Establishing Networking

Basic Behavior and Attitude

Initiative and Responsibility High Degree Of Commitment Seeking Feedback Internal Locus Of Control

High Level Of Energy Team Building Ability to Set Vision Tolerance to Failure

Opportunity Orientation
Moderate Risk Taker

Confidence and Optimistic

Independent Creative and Innovative Skilled at Organizing

Drive to Achieve

Entrepreneurial Culture
The elements of entrepreneurial culture Entrepreneurial values The importance of entrepreneurial culture

The Elements of Entrepreneurial Culture

Monitor direction Maximize self potential Rift profit Planning orientation Time management Innovative Continuous improvement Ready for opportunity

Entrepreneurial Values
Dare to fail Setting aim Self projection Confidence Initiative Responsible Learn from feedback

The Importance of Entrepreneurial Culture

Individual Society Company Country

Personality and Skills Development

Skill development Personality development Developing creativity

Skill Development
Skills based program Humanistic skills Conceptualize skills

Personality development
Self discipline Self belief Type A and B personalities Locus control Ethics

Developing Creativity
Concepts How to be creative Creativity process Creativity barriers

Entrepreneur and Networking

What is networking? Advantages of good networking How to establish strategic networking

What is networking?
Networking is both an outcome of past relationship strategy and a resource for future strategy. I can be Formal Informal

What is networking?
Formal Networking Relationship between various people who have a symbiotic relationship with the entrepreneur such as bank managers, dealers, government officers, who are ready to share their experience and strength for mutual advantage

What is networking?
Informal Networking Relationship with childhood friends, neighbors, familys members and people sharing interests or hobbies. It enables an entrepreneur to discuss his business informally, without making appointments.

What is networking?
Informal Networking Circle



Advantages Importance of Good Networking

Minimize risks reduce uncertainties through reliable resources and information Minimize bureaucracy reduce red tape in decision making through speeding up application process, saving time, finance and other resources, preventing repeating mistakes Information getter increase entrepreneur reputation

Advantages Importance of Good Networking

Higher confidence members in the circle prepare to give priority to entrepreneurs products and services Symbiotic feeling someones success might come from anothers contribution, so the concept of give and take is a must for developing good networking relationship

Advantages Importance of Good Networking

Good name enables entrepreneur to attract members in networking circles Source of creativity various group in networking circle will provide new business opportunity in term of improving product quality, improving distribution channel, improving techniques of production and suggesting new ways of promoting the product

How to Establish Strategic Networking

Effective communication skills the way to talk, clothing, expressions Ability to generate ideas when needed Pay attention to others Visit, participate in formal functions

How to Establish Strategic Networking

Give souvenirs Send cards, congratulatory cards Send letters, emails, reply letters Make others happy and comfortable

Barriers in Building Networking

Emotions Emotions appear from the characteristics, personality and ego of an entrepreneur such as fearful, overly aggressive, arrogance, hypocrisy, not punctual, unwilling to admit mistake, which will create social space that separate entrepreneur from others

Barriers in Building Networking

Physical It might arise from entrepreneurs lack of confidence, inattention to matters with respect to manners and dress such as improper attire, nervous behavior, speaking in unneccesarily high tone or pitch, unfriendly countenance, which could fail to inspire confidence among his fellows

Barriers in Building Networking

Psychology It might arise from entrepreneurs feelings of loneliness, inferiority which will create a bad impression and face difficult task to gain support.

Barriers in Building Networking

Behaviors The way we behave will determine whether we are closed or distant from others. Good behavior will generate good changes. Examples of bad behavior include slandering other people, teasing other people, pretending to know everything, reluctance to accept the task given and not appreciative to other people.

Barriers in Building Networking

Expressions The way we express is important, as we may easily offend others. Examples: Expression indicating dominance You must finish the work Dont do what I do, but do what I ask you to do

Barriers in Building Networking

Expressions Expression indicating tease or mockery Such easy work but you cannot do it in two days He doesnt know anything but he acts as if he knows everything in front of the leader

Barriers in Building Networking

Expressions Expression indicating an inferiority complex As a careless and poor person, I dont think I can do this business People like me, who want to help in business

Barriers in Building Networking

Expressions Expression indicating an egoistic nature Im sure I can do this work since I have ten years experience I dont want to go to that function, its a small and low budget function

Process Developing Entrepreneur
Basic Behavior And Attitude

Establish Networking

Entrepreneurial Culture

Personality and Skill Development