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The Hyundai Motor Company

By Aleida Johnson, Brendan White, Lyudmila Borisevich, Michael Bretter, Michael Falabella

The Vanderbilt family Cornelius Vanderbilt's

The family is known for 'building America's railroads'. His descendants went on to build great Fifth Avenue mansions, Newport, Rhode Island summer cottages, the famous Biltmore House and various other exclusive homes.

Founder of the Ford Motor Company. His introduction of the Model T automobile revolutionized transportation and American industry. As owner of the Ford Motor Company, he became one of the richest and bestknown people in the world.

Henry Ford

The Rockefeller family: John D. Rockefeller and his brother William Rockefeller
American industrial, banking, and political family also known for its long association with and financial interest in the Chase Manhattan Bank, now JP Morgan Chase.

Chung Ju-yung
In 1946 Korea; a peasant farmer by the name of Chung Ju-yung transformed that nation from a needy third world country into an international success story. He became the founder of the Hyundai Motor Industrial Company, or better own as Hyundai Group.

Chungs family life in Korea.

Chungs family working the rice fields.

In 1938 Mr. Chungs started his first business venture by opening up a rice shop located in Seoul Korea.

Hyundai Motor Company established in 1967.

In 1975, the Pony was the first Korean car released.

In 1986, Hyundai began to sell cars in the US. The Excel was nominated as "Best Product #10" by Fortune magazine, largely because of its affordability. The company began to produce models with its own technology in 1988.

In 2005 Hyundai announced the formation of a new company called Hyundai Information Service North America (HISNA) in the U.S. designed to provide information technology services for Hyundai: Systems development Infrastructure services ADM services

HISNA: Systems Development

E-business Business Intelligence Customer relationship management (CRM) E-learning

HISNA: Infrastructure Services

Data Center Facilities Business Applications and Back Office Support Storage and Backup/Restore (Tiered, Scalable Architecture) Security

HISNA: ADM Services

HISNA provides application development and management services Process consulting Recommending technology enabled solutions Applying robust project management methodology Developing new applications Maintaining existing systems in a cost effective manner