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A Recent History of Growth At

Or Where We Were, What We Did, and Where Are We Now AT

We did not make AYP and became a SINI Started assigning math homework every night

Created uninterrupted blocks for literacy and math

Became a SINI, worked on the SINI Plan during the summer Started MAPs testing 3 times a year Added MAPS testing for grades K, 1, and 2 Continued uninterrupted learning blocks for literacy and math Started the practice of becoming a PLC by meeting once a week during common planning time


SIG Leadership Grant 3 year commitment

Consulted with ATLAS group went to Burlington, VT Embedded training with ATLAS Established the foundation for Differentiated Instruction by:

Organizing teaching into Essential Goals- objectives so students can understand what and why they are learning Making student thinking visible by asking questions that generate deep cognition A series of flexible assignments to assess mastery of any content based on students level of competency using one tool in a variety of applications - DI

ATLAS disbanded Started working with Susan Sturock The Reading Mind Embedded training Extend training in using DI by:

Math blocks to include learning centers to address different levels of ability Additional universal assessments that drive Progress Monitoring, such as DIBELS Introduced school-wide Title I services


Team Meetings- using data to inform our instruction

Common math assessments (RtI, Re-teaching) Universal Screening and Progress Monitoring using DIBELS Data-driven team meetings twice a month Evaluated data from 6 week reassessment of students in Tiers 2 and 3 to insure interventions are working New Pre-K Program


working with Janie Desbiens by:

Using our system of RtI and data driven instruction to enhance our literacy instruction by providing specific interventions
Using and analyzing Running Records to find the exact area where struggling students reading is breaking down so we can provide the specific strategies needed

Continue Universal Screening

(MAPs, Introducing AIMSweb)

Continue Progress Monitoring

(Benchmark Team) (Interventionists - Tiers 2 and 3 and Teachers Students on Watch List)



meeting as PLCs in productive, data focused

(Are the interventions producing the gains we hoped for?)


employing DI and RtI within our literacy and math blocks 90 minutes everyday



with our embedded trainings with Janie

Balanced Literacy Implement 2 blocks of Guided Reading Independent Reading


training, model lessons, and shoulder coaching in the practices of Guided Reading