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Training Principles

What are Training Principles?

• When you train, the main reason is to get
the body fitter and improve the body for
sports performance.
• These adaptations must be controlled
through training principles therefore the
training program has a structure.
• There a six main ‘training principles’…
“a training programme should be specific to
the sport that it is attempting to improve”
1. a 100m sprinter will perform lots of speed training
2. a striker in football will train differently to a goalkeeper
3. a rugby player will do lots of strength & speed training
4. a marathon runner do lots of endurance training (long
runs etc)
What example can you think of?
• F – frequency – how many days a week
you train? (twice, three times etc)
• I – intensity – how hard you train (low,
medium, high – your heart rate will be your
indicator of this!)
• T – time – how long do you train for? (half
an hour, an hour etc)
• T – type – what training are you doing?
(weight training, circuit training, endurance
training etc)
• “making the body work harder by
increasing the level of challenge in order
for changes in fitness to improve”
Overload is closely linked to the F.I.T.T
principle in that you can increase:
• FREQUENCY – How often you train…
• INTENSITY – How hard you train…
• TIME – How long you train for…
“training must be progressive over a period
of time therefore the body can deal with
the increased intensity of demands
(overload) placed upon it”
For example - if there is a sharp increase in demand put
on the performer this may cause injury and/or put off the
performer from actually training
Progression takes place over weeks,
months and years – not days!
“getting the right balance between not
training enough and training too much”

If not training enough – body’s fitness will

not progress (comfort zone)
If training too much – injury may occur

The F.I.T.T & Overload principle will be key to achieving

• “if training is stopped or slows down –
possibly due to injury - the body’s fitness
will start to decline”

FACT – The quadriceps muscle will start

to deteriorate after only 24 hours if it is not
being used (e.g. broken leg were full leg is
in pot for 6 weeks!)
Describe the 6 Principles of
• Specificity
• Overload
• Reversibility
• Moderation
• Progression