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By: Rayik Heri Syamsul Efendi SRN : 211011105

Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington DC Company Profile

Grand Hyatt Hotel is located on 1000 H Street NW,Washington, D.C., USA 20001. Located in the trendy Penn Quarter near popular local attractions. Grand Hyatt Washington is ideally situated for leisure and business travelers Grand Hyatt Washington is a welcoming destination with a host of world-class services and amenities. The facility such as classy rooms and suites, five delicious restaurants and bars, an indoor swimming pool, 32 meeting rooms, wedding and event planning services, executive business center, and convenient Metro Center access directly from the lobby.

Understanding of Green Hotel & Best Environmental Practices

Green Hotel Green Hotel is green oriented architecture based on concern about the conservation of the global green experience with an emphasis on energy efficiency, sustainable pattern, and a holistic approach. Best Environmental Practices Best environmental practices is a guide that provides the means to identify, in the different departments of a hotel, opportunities for optimising its activities while reducing its operating costs and its environmental impacts. The purpose of best environmental practices:
Rationalizing the use of materials, including water and energy Reducing the volume of wastes and improving waste management Adopting a more ecological purchasing policy and improving logistics Improving the quality of the hotels internal environment Making the staff aware of the importance of environmental issues

Problem Statement
The problem statement
What are the major concern in improving the image of the Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington DC? How role-friendly in dealing with things that become the images formation good. So that customers want to come back to stay again? How the effectiveness of a green role and comfortable?

Theoretical Framework
Inside the best environmental practices theory there are six steps of implementation for the hotel/hospitality industry. Water management and rationalization Energy efficiency and economy Wastes resource recovery Purchasing policy ecological aspects Logistics efficient handling and management Noise, air quality, and landscape integration

Methodology of Research
I. Types of Research This research uses qualitative research which is the research generate and process data that are descriptive, such as transcript of interviews, field notes, drawings, video or sound recording, and others. II. Subjects research The subjects of this study was Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington DC which is this hotel very suitable as an example of environmentally sound hotel. III. Stages of Research - Research Preparation Phase
Create the structure of the research with formulate the problem then connect with the theory and then started to collecting data by interview, observation and other methods

Implementation Phase
The researcher may formulate the problem statement and then connect that with the theory and evidence that the researchers collect in the field. After that the researcher may made the conclusion of the research and give recommend or suggestions for solving problems or maybe for further research

Methodology of Research Contd

IV. Data Collection Techniques - Interviews - Observation V. Data Analysis Techniques Organizing Data Grouping by Category Testing Assumptions Finding Alternative Explanation Writing Research

Best Environmental Practices

Water management and rationalization To increase the effectiveness of water management, theres some ways that must be implemented. - Monitoring the water consumption - Recycling the water for other purposes - Controlling the water consumption - Manage the consumption of water in each department - Implement water-saving kits/tools in the hotel Energy efficiency and economy Energy efficiency provides hotel owners and operators cost saving that also increase the profit. The steps. - Manage the consumption of energy in each department - Monitoring regularly energy consumption - Reducing energy consumption and minimize energy losses - Implement the tools that can provide alternative energy that labeled clean - Optimize energy consumption

Best Environmental Practices

Wastes valorisation and recycling The most important aspect of waste management is have information about how to collect and segregate the waste and processing the waste become something useful or just minimize the bad effect of waste. There are few step that must be doing: - Minimize the cost of waste treatment and disposal - Recycling or reuse the items that should still be used again - Segregate the waste and manage it in order to limit the volume - Reduce the using of unnecessary items that can increase the volume of waste Purchasing policy ecological aspects Also known as environmental, green, sustainable or environmentally preferable purchasing. The aim of this aspect is to buy product and services that have less bad impact on the environment and human health.

Best Environmental Practices

The steps for implementing purchasing policy are: Prefer buying local products Suggested for buy biodegradable, recyclable or reusable products Knowing the material or compositions that contain inside the products Purchase items that are designed for minimum water and energy consumption Willing to spend a little more money for keep the environmental sustainability Ask the suppliers or workman about their working conditions, protecting environment or not

Logistics efficient handling and management Hotel have a large quantities of merchandise and supply that require specific handling and storage. With limit losses and avoid over-consumptions indirectly the hotel management save a lot unnecessary expenses. The steps for this aspect are: - Keep the stock report up-to-date - Make the specific procedures of handling and storing merchandise or items

Best Environmental Practices

Give information or educate the staff about the effective procedures Checking the storage area regularly

Noise Noise is an important factor influencing our health. High noise levels can cause high blood pressure, digestion problems, and other psychological problems such as sleeplessness, depression, bad mood and etc. there are some way to avoid or minimalize the noise levels: - Marking the noisiest area inside the hotel in order to limit the noise levels - Make conducive atmosphere of the working place in order to reduce the stress level of the employee. - Always evaluate and handling the complaint from guest or neighbors immediately

Best Environmental Practices

Air Quality Clean air practices have become increasingly important in progressive hotel management. But it also create positive impacts on the bottom line and higher employee and guest satisfaction. Few things that must to do are: - Checking the burners and air conditioning - Manage the disposal waste when changing equipment - Create separate zone between smoking and nonsmoking - Maintain the hot water systems - Reduce the proliferation of allergens Landscape integration and protection of natural resources Areas with high natural diversity or with an important historical heritage are favourite tourist destinations. To respond to the increasing demand, construction linked to the tourism industry has expanded rapidly.

Best Environmental Practices

There are several things to do are: - Matching between the hotel physical evidence and its surroundings and cultural landscape - Employ landscaper during the development of the hotel - The building materials contain local natural products - Employ local craftsmen when building - Lay out gardens and limit the area that paved or built on

The Barriers in Implementing Environmental Practices

Knowledge deficiency Many benefits to implementing environmental practices within an organization, but the evident says many hospitality are still not adopting and implement green practices. Lack of information about environmental practices and limited awareness of the owners or management has been identify as a barriers. Owner/Manager Attitudes Some hospitality managers still walk in old world that are they dont truly recognize or appreciate the value of the environmental sustainability. In fact, they just see that environmental practices just as an add-on for their company in order to gain more profit. If the company want to success implementing the environmental practices, the adoption must come from the top leading to the bottom line.

The Barriers in Implementing Environmental Practices

Human Resources Hotel employees may often uninterested in environmental practices. This caused by lack of information and poor communication during the training from management. An introduction of the environmental policy should be the main core of the employee in environmental practices. If the employees not interested in environmental practices the results will be wasted. And without the employee support the policy about the environmental practices is absolutely going to fail. Finance Environmental concern has been labelled as an extra in time, also in financial. This happen because of wrong implementation and wrong understanding. Some management sometimes not make their department more effective so as generate more profit. But they just focus on the assessment, accreditation, and certification that have high price. in contrast, sustainability is not like that. But in fact become environment-friendly will lower an organizations cost and increase the revenues.

The Barriers in Implementing Environmental Practices

Customer Attitudes Many customers view the environmental alternatives is the other way for cost cutting and dropping the standards. Some hotel have a pride that they are using recyclable items, but in fact the customers do not want that. In customers expectations, the hotel can provide the clean items such as freshly laundered linen and ample supply of towel. In customers mind environmental practices same as loss of quality. Operational One of the main barriers when the hotel convert to environmental based is the basic structure. The operational issues such the availability of vendors, contractors, engineers, housekeepers, landscapers, and managers that understand environmental systems, procedures and products are inhibiting the development itself. So, if the management cant manage the operational systematically, itll be a disaster.

The Barriers in Implementing Environmental Practices

Legislation & Accreditation Some hotels have adopted a formal environmental management system or the internationally recognised ISO 14001 environmental management standard but the majority of hotels are still standing at the crossroads in adopting environmental management systems. The lack of government support and stakeholder demand as well as the fact that ISO 14001 is not a legal requirement constitute the most salient factors hindering the adoption of the standard.

Implementation of Best Environmental Practices in Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington DC

Water management and rationalization - Preventive maintenance throughout the hotel is conducted for leaks by our internal engineering staff - Lowflow aerators are placed throughout the property. - Automatic faucet control in public bathrooms - The hotel offer our clients water dispensers for meetings, upon request, eliminating the waste of bottled water Energy efficiency - Participates in Con Edisons Demand Response program designed to enable the hotel to contribute to energy load reduction - reduced electricity use by 6%, reduced steam use by 6%, and reduced gas use by 42% - Front and back of the hotel use all energy efficient light bulbs - Sensor lighting in offices - Replacement and installation of energy efficient chillers at a cost of $4.8 million. - Lighting dimmers in all public areas for control of energy usage - Electronic thermostats are in all guest rooms - Installation of a plate and frame heat exchanger, which helps the building maintain its interior temperature without using additional electricity

Implementation of Best Environmental Practices in Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington DC

Wastes valorization and recycling - Recycle degradable waste - Donate unnecessary items - Composting organic waste and using it as a fertilizer - Reusing office supply before disposing - Minimalize the using of plastic for food and beverages or for laundry Purchasing policy ecological aspect - The Environmentally Purchasing Policy applies to all departments within The Grand Hyatt hotels operation, maintenance and upgrades. - For each department, the manager in charge of purchasing will be required to purchase sustainable products whenever feasible and/or requested through clients for their specific operations. - Hyatt Earth, the environmental charter for Hyatt Corporation, will be supplying a list of vendors and products that are sustainable to support Hyatts goal of reducing the amount of waste the hotel produces by decreasing the amount of disposable materials.

Implementation of Best Environmental Practices in Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington DC

Logistics efficient handling and management - All department offices supplied with the recycled content, and work tools are made from recycled material. Such as all offices use 30% recycled content paper. - Buying chemical goods from Ecolab which is the product labeled as a green product. Noise, air quality and landscape integration - Grand Hyatt obtain EPA Air and Noise certification for Air and Noise pollution program. - Green Ambassadors participated in seven restoration events, planted 1,260 native trees and shrubs and enhanced 2.5 acres of critical habitat for fish and wildlife.

The use of the Best Environmental Practices (BEP) Guide for hotels is intended to be simple and practical. The purpose of the Best Environmental Practices aims at: Rationalizing the use of raw materials, including water and energy Reducing the volume of wastes and improving waste management Adopting a more ecological purchasing policy and improving logistics Improving the quality of the hotels internal environment Making the staff aware of the importance of environmental issues There are six steps to implement the Best Environmental Practices. There are: Water management and rationalization Energy efficiency and economy Wastes valorization and recycling Purchasing policy ecological aspects Logistics efficient handling and management Noise, air quality and landscape integration

Beside the benefit of the Best Environmental Practices there are some reason why many hotel organizations are not implementing this practices which classify as industrial barriers and organizational barriers. Knowledge deficiency Owner or manager attitudes Human resources Finance Customer attitudes Operational Legislation and accreditation With implementing Best Environmental Practices, Grand Hyatt hotel also participate in maintaining and caring for the environment to be more clean and sustainable

Recommendations for Grand Hyatt Washington DC are: - Together with Hyatt Thrive, Hyatt Hotel corporation especially not just persuade the Green Ambassador but also invite surrounding communities to create useful event to preserve the environmental sustainability. - The management of Grand Hyatt Hotel Washington DC can improve the operational systems that directly related to environmental conservation with such as improvement to human resources skill, improvement with installing any items useful/automatic to decrease the consumption of energy, electricity, or water. - Make benchmarking by getting cooperation with related organizations, and compare with other hotel companies whether better or not.

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