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Social EVILS

DR RAHIM IQBAL MBBS(Pb).MPH(H.S.A) Senior Demonstrator Rawalpindi Medical college Rawalpindi

The following are the Social Evils of our Society

1. Prostitution 2. Delinquency 3. Dowry System 4. Drug Addiction 5. Alcohol Abuse 6. Unmarried Mothers 7. Women sexual Abuse 8. Child Sexual Abuse 9. Kidnapping 10.Theft and Robbery 11.Terrorism 12.Religious Differences (Secritism) 13.Food Adulteration

Social Evils
It is an old age Social Evils. It is a social problem in most urban areas and to lesser extent in rural area.

Causes Changes in environment Breakdown of family relations Parental Quarrels Want of affection Illegitimate love Easy money Low I.Q. (Intelligence Quotient) Low moral standards Poverty

Juvenile Delinquency
A delinquent is one who shows deviation from normal behavior. In other words he is one who has a committed an offence e.g. theft, murder, sexual offence, burglary.

Juvenile Delinquency

Broken Homes

Death of parents Separation of parents Step Mother Poverty Parent neglect Severe punishment Lack of moral teaching Ignorance about childcare Too many children Lack of recreation facilities. Cheap recreation Urbanization Industrialization Cinema, T.V. Cable, DVD, Mob phone

Improvement of family Life
Schooling Social Welfare services

Dowry System
Dowry started as an innocent custom, a
symbol of love from parent to their daughter on the eve of marriage.

Side Effects Bride-burning Anxiety Depression Suicides Murders Girls become over age for marriage.

Law enforcement
Role of religious, political leaders Preaching of Islam

Drug Addiction and alcoholism

It is defined as a state of periodic or chronic intoxication detrimental to the individual and society produced by the repeated attacks of habit-forming drugs. Drug abuse has become a alarming problem in our society a Drug Culture particularly in the lives of young people in all walk of life.

Social Evils

Unmarried Mothers


Social Evils

Women sexual Abuse


Social Evils

Child Sexual Abuse


Social Evils Child Sexual Abuse

Data was collected from 300 school children in classes 8
10 in four school of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. OF 17% of respondents were abused with 1 in every 5 boys and 1 in every 7 girls becoming a victim of sexual abuse. 72%of the victim/survivors were abused below the age of 13. Among the respondents only 37% individuals stated the place where the abuse took place. Of the male respondents 36% were abused at their neighbor ,homes or their school.29% respondents mostly girls were abused in their own homes 14

Social Evils Child Sexual Abuse

Definition-it is defined as an activity in
which an adult or older child uses a younger child in a sexual way


Social Evils Child Sexual Abuse(FORMS)

Touching(in a way that the child feels uncomfortable) Fondling Looking at child private parts Showing the child pornographic material Making the child touch or look at the abuser private parts Child pornography and prostitution Oral sex Rape/sodomy Verbal sexual abuse

Social Evils Child Sexual Abuse(Types)

When a stranger or someone the child
knows abuses the child Incest-:when a relative by blood or by law abuses the child


Child Sexual Abuse

Why abuser abuse?

Emotional congruence-:child molester

have arrested psychological development. Blockage-:some individuals are blocked in their ability to get their sexual and emotional need met in adult relationship. Disinhibition-:lack of appropriate laws ,the social set up and sexual frustration.

What Can we tell Children about Protecting them ? Tell Children That: Your body belongs to you. You have the right to decide who touches you and how. If somebody touches you in a way dont like or that makes you feel uncomfortable, say NO. If the person doesnt stop, say, Im going to tell and then do so. I will support you. Grownups dont touch children in their private parts in private unless its for health or hygiene.

Not all adults or older children are good.


Other things that can help in prevention Repeat simple safety rules Teach children to be assertive and say NO to things that make them feel uncomfortable. Help children to develop dignified vocabulary for their private parts. It is important to tell them. It is important to tell them that these are special and private (not bad or dirty). Communicate as much as possible with your child. Help the child to develop self-confidence, self-esteem and respect. Be attentive to the childs needs/fears. Know where your child is.


Good Responses to Disclosure of CSA: I believe you You did the right thing by telling Im sorry this happened to you. Its not your fault. I will try to help you so it wont happen again. I will try to help you so it wont happen again.

Questions to Avoid: Are you sure it happened/is happening? Are you telling the truth? Why are you telling me? Why didnt you stop it? What did you do to make this happen?


Preventionwhat DOCTORS can do Become familiar with the behavioral and physical signs and symptoms of abuse. Keep yourself updated on information regarding abuse. Give as much information to families and children as possible. Share the information with your colleagues. Child Abuse Committees can be set up at every hospital. Work on rapport building with your patients. Keep talking to the child during examination.

Social Evils


Social Evils
Robbery and Theft


Social Evils


Social Evils
Secritism(Religious Differences)


Social Evils
Food Adulteration
It consists of large number of practices. Mixing Substitution Abstraction Concealing the quality Putting up of decomposed food for sale Misbranding

The adulteration is most common in the following food.

Milk Ghee Cereals Flours Pulses Edible Oils Tea and Coffee Honey

Food Fortification
The process whereby nutrients are added to food to maintain or improve the quality of the diet. Milk with Vitamin A Flour with vitamin, groundnuts Edible Oils with Vitamin A Common salt with iodine Sager with vitamin A


Law enforcement


Thank you very much