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IT 304 IT in the Global Economy

Dr. Harold D. Camp

January 30, 2013

Okay, what is this course about?

Globalization Business Information and Communication Technology Relationships of the Above Three

Watch this Movie, Globalization at the Crossroads

So, Lets Divide Up the World

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. N/Cent America (US, Can, Mex, Cent Am, Islands, Greenland) South America (Not Central America, Brazil, Peru, Chile, etc.) Western Europe (New Europe, England, France, Germany, etc.) Eastern Europe (Former USSR, Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, etc.) Sub-Saharan Africa (All but Saharan, S Africa, Ghana, etc.) Middle East (includes Muslim Africa and Muslim Asia) Asia (China, India, Indochina) Oceania (Pacific Island Nations)

Group 1: Central and North America

Group 2: South America

Group 3: Western Europe

Group 4: Eastern Europe & Russia (former USSR)

Group 5: Sub-Saharan Africa

Group 6: Middle East (including Sahara, Arabia, Stan Countries, and Israel)

Group 7: Asia (China, Indochina, India, but not the Stan Countries)

Group 8: Oceania

Need 8 Groups
Divide up World
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Central and North America South America Western Europe Eastern Europe & Russia Africa (Except for Egypt) Middle East (Including Isreal) Asia Oceania

Schedule for Group Presentations


1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8

2/20 2/6
2/20 2/13 2/6 2/6 2/13 2/13

3/27 2/27
3/27 3/6 2/27 3/6 3/20 3/20

4/24 4/3
4/24 4/10 4/3 4/10 4/17 4/17

The Economist Articles

Group 1: Wake up and smell the coffee Dec 15th 2012 Your flexible friend Dec 15th 2012 Group 2 Game, set and match Oct 20th 2012 A third-world dimension Nov 3rd 2012 Print me a phone Jul 28th 2012 Group 3 Difference Engine: The PC all over again? Sep 9th 2012 Heated debate Dec 8th 2012 Conquering Babel Jan 5th 2013 Group 4 Cloud nein Dec 1st 2012 Look, no hands Sep 1st 2012 The dream of the medical tricorder Dec 1st 2012

The Economist Articles

Group 5 Finding the way inside Dec 1st 2012 Lost in cyberspace Sep 1st 2012 Group 6 Zap, crackle and pop Sep 1st 2012 Lighting the way Sep 1st 2012 Altered states Sep 1st 2012 Group 7 A knight in digital Armour Sep 1st 2012 Access Denied Babbage Blog on Jan 10, 2013 Has the ideas machine broken down? Jan 12th 2013 Group 8 Trading devices for dollars Dec 1st 2012 Micro stars, macro effects Nov 24th 2012

Group Report 30 Minute In-Class Presentation

Aspects of Regional Culture
Education, Economy, Commerce, Arts, Sciences, Human Rights, Healthcare, Socialization Use Individual Countries for Examples of ICT Use and Growth

2a. Your Regional Statistics

Economy Business Government Education Healthcare Socialization ICT Infrastructure

2b. ICT in Region

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Infrastructure ICT Industry ICT Statistics Country by Country (but treat as regional)

3. Report

Title: The Impact of ICT on <Your Region>. State Your Groups Hypothesis/es Support conclusions with facts, not supposition

Economist Presentations
15 minutes or more, not 30 minutes Answer the following questions
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Summarize each article Why are the articles grouped together? What is the relationship to Globalization? What is the relationship to ICT? What do you think?

What Happened in the Past

More than 30 minutes
Group did not rehearse Individuals did not focus on what was important Messages hid in detail Group did not focus on overall topic, focused on individual efforts Group did not coordinate the presentation (looked like different topics) Messages hid in details (i.e., learn not to copy, but to create and summarize)

Each Student took an Topic

This is a group project

Engineers work in groups Topic is about ICT, focus is on ICT, not agriculture (for example) State hypothesis, then show how topic supports hypothesis
I do not want to see raw numbers, no basis for comparison Proof is in normalization We will discuss NORMALIZATION next class

Groups used raw numbers, not normalized metrics

Group Assignment 1 Abstract

Work in your Groups Write an abstract for a presentation about your assigned World region
Group presentation is about a World region, not individual countries Abstract is what you will discuss about your region of the World State a hypothesis regarding the impact of ICT on the whole region If no data is available in 1994, then begin in 2000

Since 1994, discuss economic & demographic changes and relate to ICT

Relate these changes first to ICT

Also, relate these changes to Globalization (or to isolation, resistance to Globalization) Were changes for betterment/detriment of the regions economy? Of its people? How will continuing Globalization and ICT deployment impact your region in the future? Use individual examples to emphasize your points.

Due 13 February