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Hitler’s Takeover

Hitler and the Nazis

Nazi Rule
• On January 30, 1993 Adolf Hitler was appointed
chancellor of Germany.
• Being that Hitler was the head of government, the
Germans respected him lots.
• Hitler's party, the Nazis, abolished precious
communites and created a Volk community.
• In mid July of 1933, the Nazis party became the
only political party.
Jews in Germany
• Since the Nazis ruled, the Jewish population stood
at an astounding 600,000 people.
• Nazis classified as Jews thousands of people who
had converted from Judaism, to another religion
• About 400,000 Jews held their German citizenship.
• The population of jews stood. With Berlin:160,000;
Frankfurt:26,000; Hamburg:17,000; and
The “Final Solution”
• Hitler's idea of the ‘Final Solution” was to
exterminate the Jewish people.
• The Nazis carried out two boycotts against the
Jews. The boycotts were called “Aryanization” and
“Night of the Broken Glass
• The Nazis decided to establish ghettos in very
occupied Poland.
• Mobile killing squads called Einsatzgruppen
swarmed Germany.
• There were 6 extermination camps called: Chelmo,
Belzec, Sobibor, Auschwitz, Birkenau, and
• There were over 3 million Jews murdered at these
Nazi Camps
• Map

• On the map there are six extermination camps.

• The population of other camps stand at forty-six.
• More than 700,000 prisoners were registered in the
concentration camps in January, 1945 according to SS
• Concentration camps and extermination camps have
differences. At concentration camps you hade to
work. While at extermination camps you got killed.
Rescue and Resistance
• Some Jews survived the “Final Solution” by hiding
or escaping.
• The residents of a Protestant village helped over
5000 Jews and refuges escape Nazi persecution in
• Religious conviction and a sense of moral duty
inspired the residents to do such a dangerous
• The residents hid the Jews and refuges in private
homes, Catholic convents, and Catholic
Rescue in Denmark
• There was a punishment for hiding Jews
anywhere, and it was DEATH.
• The only country that resisted the Nazi regime
was Denmark.
• When the Danes found out about the plan to
deport the Danish Jews, they organized a
nationwide effort to smuggle them.
• More than 20,000 people were saved.
Warsaw Ghetto
• The Jews in ghettos attemped to resist the
• More than 300,000 Jews lived in the Warsaw
• The 5,000-6,000 of them died by killing centers.
• The Z.O.B. was a Jewish Fighting Orgaznization.
• Ghetto fighters won the Warsaw Ghetto uprising
in May, 1943.
• Jews shot equaled 7,000.
Killing Center
• On August 2, 1943 the Jews took over in
• Treblinka is an extermination camp.
• In Sobibor, two inmates planned a revolt on the
Nazis or Germans.
• The Jews rebelled at Sonderkommando.
• Four women accused of suppling dynamite to
blow up the crematorium were hanged in front of
everybody to see.
German Resistance
• In 1944, an assassination was planned to
assassinate Hitler.
• The assassination did not work out.
• More than 200 people lost their lives for being
involved int his plot.
• A movement called the “White Rose” movement
was a plan to free the Jews.
• On February , 1943 two people named Hans and
Sophie Scholl got arrested for distributing leaflets.
• Han’s last words were “Long Live Freedom!”