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Create a distinctive service and remain competitive

Providing the most satisfying service to the customers

MIS found for manufacturing sectors does not match with service sector
Hotels Hospital Airlines Insurance Banking Finance

Managers put lot of efforts in a service industry to create a distinctive service to remain competitive


MIS for Hotel

People prefer hotels when they are out of their homes, might be on vacations, spending their leisure time, or on some official duties. Hotel is a place where people would like to have a distinctive service. Due to lot of competitions in the hotel service, the concept has changed from convenience of stay to comfort and enjoyment. Today, hotels are not only meant for a individual stay but now its a place for business meetings, interviews, conferences, live concerts. Every time the hotel needs to undergo change according to the needs of the customers.
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Main function of hotel industry is to provide a room to stay with basic amenities and facilities so that customer has a comfortable stay. Managers put all efforts to keep hotel occupancy high all the times. Responsibilities of MIS plays important role of providing information to the best possible way, so that customers expectations are fulfilled.
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Initiation for service

Customer queries(telephone, web, e-mail)
Capture requirement Process query and confirm requirement Process room reservation Reserve room by date in schedule

Intimate confirmation to customer

Create room application record


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Transition to service
Customer arrives at hotel reception
Enter reservation confirmation details Process and confirm availability record Process reservation record of stay Validate customer record

Not OK Start recover process record

Fill form


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Customer gives passport, a letter, visiting card
Enter customer data and room

Process document

Customer database

Room database


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Service requests: lunch, dinner, room service
Server Customer database Knowledge database

Enter service record

Accounts database

Process feedback record


Aggregation of service transaction data

Process bills and summary

Process payment

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Customer gives feedback
Knowledge database

Enter feedback form

Process feedback record

Process a letter of thanks

Close the service and customer record


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Critical control applications Evolve the basic standards for control and provide exception reports to the management for forward planning and control

MIS in Banking
Banking is generally understood as a place where the financial services are offered, viz checking, savings, & providing credit to the customers. The customers choose the bank mainly on the following 3 factors; 1. The ease of doing business 2. The quality of personnel & service 3. The range of the financial service The MIS in banking industry revolves around this aspect. The customer of the bank would like to know the status of the A/C very fast to make decision on withdrawals or payments.

Hence the MIS is to be designed to identify, decide & design a service strategy for offering a distinctive service to the wide range of customers seeking a variety of service demand. the following points should be taken care of while designing an MIS for a bank

Customer DB 1. Customer 2. Operator 3. Range of Service 4. Class of customers 5. Working Hours Service to the A/C holders Service for business promotions The index monitoring system Human resource upgrade

The role of a hospital in todays world has changed from the medical and clinical assistance to health care with a concern for the people who need it. It is a missionary organisation established to provide health care services to the needy with the motto dont make them sick while they are trying to get well.

The hospitals may handle a person who is not a patient and hence we call a person visiting a hospital a customer and not a Patient. Hence, the customer profile would includes besides a patient, an associate of a patient, a consultant, a Para medical personnel, a medicine supplier and so on.

The customer can easily discriminate between the quality of care and quality of caring, between treated medically and being treated personally, between being served at least cost and served with efficiency an effectiveness.

Todays hospitls use a lot of medical hardware and software in health care activity. Health care based on diagnostic aids and assistance through an X ray, scanning, pathological tests, and knowledge base of case history etc. The role played by these aids is so vital and important that is is called Medical Engneering The medical engineering has helped the medical professionals to reduce the drudgery of health care and concentrate on diagnosis, prescriptions and treatment.