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Abraham Anakha Dheeraj Lijo Mamatha Sivanesh

Case Summary

Shaheem Naqib has been appointed as the company counsellor by Raghu Narang, the CEO of the Danish International, as he was fed up with the non performers.
The company had a great infrastructure, attractive compensation packages, provided competitive salaries and perks but nothing as such was happening as it was being considered a stagnant pool of best talent.


Shameen went to meet Sid Malhotra, a bright employee who had joined the company six months back, he was reported absent and suffering from hypertension and angina pain while his colleague in the next cabin was not aware of this. The company had band II decision makers and band III executives. But the executives has not been able to be promoted as they were laidback and were not moving.


Raghu Narang was a peculiar person who apart from appointing a counselor also consulted a vastu expert. He hired the best brains and tried to fit them into some roles which he would then fire those who didnt fit in well without any remorse.

Challenges in Danish International

Poor Employee Relationship Work Stress Role conflict Lack of leadership Skills

Management Decision Problem Exist in Danish International

How CEO of Danish International can effectively cleanup the organization problems?

Research Problems

What is the effect of lack of communication among the employees?

What is the effect of two major merges and increase of responsibility in the organization?

Research Problems

What is the adverse effect of poor organizational orientation learning?

What is the cause for underperformance of skilled employees ?

Why does the CEO end up in firing the highly skilled employees when they dont fit into the organizational role given to them ?


Was it possible to undertake operation cleanup?


The Organization have great infrastructure. Having pool of talented workers. Best compensation packages. Consistent labor force.

Well organization structure.


Insufficient coordination & fail to create motivation among the employees. He fail to motivate his employees which resulted in less productivity.

There is no informal group developed in the organization.

Fail to maintain good relationship between employees. Totally Ragu Narang fail to cop up him as a successful CEO in Danish International.

Leadership skills are very much effective in an organization

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