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2/5/09 Ever Andrade

This is the introduction to the components of a

computer I am going to tell you what the
component does.

1. KEYBOARD = A keyboard is a usually a

rectangular shape it come with the
computer. You can type on it. It has the
alphabet ,and numbers.

1. MONITER = A monitor is a hardware

device, it allows for us to see a visual
information and current status. It look like a

1. HARD DRIVE = A hard drive is the main

location where all the data is stored. Its like
a memory card in game system

1. POWER SUPPLY = A power supply,

supplies power through out the computer.
There are two types of power supply, one is
ATX has the power to make the computer
to go into sleep or suspend mode. Second
is AT that connects to the p8 and p9 which
connects to the motherboard.

1. CPU = Is the brain of the computer, it’s the

most important part in a computer. The CPU
is located in the motherboard. CPU stands for
central processing unit.
 SERIAL PORT = Is a type of computer interface.
They are 9 pin connectors that give
information in two different ways, incoming
or outgoing, one byte at a time.
1. MODEM = A modem connects to the phone
connection and to the computer. The
modem converts digital info to analog and
back to analog to digital.
1. MOUSE = A mouse is used to click on
things on the computer. You move it around
so you can click on anything on the screen