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1. Bottom line appeals: profit, results 2. Symbolic: offices, furnishings, pen mugs 1. Enhance audiences job 2. Appeal to task: challenging to participate in tough problem solving 3. Career advancement or prestige emphasized (reputation enhancement or organizational recognition) Enhance self worth, accomplishment, achievement through formal statement, informal praises, non verbal nods, hand slaps Thinkers lots of data Skeptics lots of credibility Unemotional: rationality Emotional: enthusiasm and energy Group worth; benchmarking; bandwagon technique



Personality benefits


Point 1: Japan and ban of beef from U.S. Point 2: MCD extend beyond U.S. Point 3: Preview



I: What is MCD? Fatal Disease A. sheep, deer. B. 200,000 C. 60 Minutes II II: Cause? Prion that kills brain A. Infectious particle (Prusiner) i. poke holes in brain ii. swiss cheese B. Indestructible (Andrews) i. antibiotics ii. heat III. Transmission? Infected feed A. contaminated food fed to cattle i. rendering ii. rendering process quote by Rampton and Stauber B. affects human beings i. younger ii. similar holes iii. kills within 18 months Therefore : Body (Arguments) (Evidences: definitions, videos, dramatic visuals, startling facts, testimony, series of dramatic images)

1. Summary (Show how preview has been done) 2. Amplification (of thesis statement) a. Prousiner and me: (thesis mentioned first time but subtly) b. 2003; 2006 [Time] c. 119 countries [Place] d. Record [Expertise] 3. Thesis mentioned again subtly. 4. Closure (connected with any tool used in the Introduction)

Alternatives: The following are possible options one may try out to rectify the problems in the given situation

1. Do nothing 2. Fire/sack/dismiss Marilyn 3. Transfer Marilyn 4. Counsel Marilyn for stress and leadership style 5. Train Marilyn 6. Mentor Marilyn 7. Introduce team training 8. Review management policies 9. Train management in quality processes.

Criteria or yardsticks for evaluation of Options:

1 Productivity: Since low productivity is a major concern, so the criterion of productivity becomes imminent for companys success.

2 Staff Morale: That is directly proportional to staff productivity.

Evaluation of Options against Criteria

Criterion 1: Productivity Option 1: Do nothing. Adv: nothing Disadv: problem persists; increase loss of productivity and increased costs Option 2: Fire, sack, dismiss Marilyn Adv: nothing Disadv: loss of an asset; replacement cost; Option 3: Transfer Marilyn Loss of asset; Still have to find a suitable replacement Criterion 2: Staff Morale Option 1: Do nothing. Adv: nothing Disadv: problem persists; increased staff turnover, since staff morale would not improve. Option 2: Fire, sack, dismiss Marilyn Adv: nothing Disadv: unless new criterion of selection are used, a new Marilyn might emerge Option 3: Transfer Marilyn Could still cause same problem in a new place

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