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-our imaginations dressed into reality


E-Ball is a sphere shaped computer concept which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops have ever made.


computer has all the feature like a traditional computer, elements like keyboard ,mouse,dvd,large screen display.

Created by Apostol Tnokovski Smallest PC ever made 6 inch diameter sphere.

It is having 120120mm motherboard.

The E-Ball concept PC is a sphere shaped computer which is the smallest design among all the laptops and desktops.

i-tech Virtual keyboard Dual core processor 2GB RAM 350-500GB hard drive Integrated graphics and sound card Speakers Wireless optical mouse LAN & WlAN card Modem Web cam LCD projector Paper holder

Projects holographic keyboard on a flat surface. Works with PDAs, smart phones and PCs

The Virtual Laser Keyboard (VKB) leverages the power of laser and infrared technology and projects a full-size keyboard onto any flat surface. An optical computer mouse use Light Emitting Diode and photodiode to detect movement relative to a surface

The software interface of E-Ball concept pc is highly stylized with icons that can be remembered easily that support all type of windows operating system.

It is portable. E-Ball has large memory. Useful for making video presentations. These have greater speed. Supports user-defined keyboard layouts Easier to use

Designed for Microsoft Windows OS, sorry about the others. Cant be used by normal people since it is costly. It is difficult to understand if any problems occur in hardware components

Todays technology is at its peak point beyond what we could ever imagine. New inventions and innovations are emerging on daily basis. Our imaginations have dressed into reality and today it has become possible to have a whole computer in our pocket all the time. This ball computer has taken the computer technology to new horizons.