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To Study Piracy as a Phenomenon among Students

Group X

Purpose of Study
To understand students perception towards piracy. To explore students buying behaviour towards pirated material.

To explore possible solutions to curb piracy

Variables Studied
Research Questions
What are the perceptions that students have towards pirated content?

Research Objectives
Understanding the attitude towards piracy

Variables Studied
Knowledge of law Attitude towards crime Propensity to cheat

Why do students buy/download pirated digital content?

Studying the buying behaviour of original and pirated content

Frequency of purchase Channels used Frequency of use Purpose of consuming pirated content

Method of Research

Focused group discussion Questionnaire

Focus Group Discussion

Size: 8-10 Nature: Students aged 18-27 Setting: Class rooms to minimize external disturbances Time Period: 1 hr Recording: Manual Moderator: Non-Participant

Findings on Online Piracy

Awareness of illegality of downloaded material
Yes No

Does the illegal status of downloads bother you?

Yes No Sometimes

24% 43%




Findings on Online Piracy

What concerns do you have about illegal downloads
Being caught Poor quality Immorality Threat of infections 4%

Have you ever consumed pirated content?

Yes 7% No Uncertain




Demographic Findings
Age: No striking difference in pirating behaviour
Financial Status : had

limited impact
Gender : Men engage in piracy

more frequently than women do

Conclusions on Online Piracy

High Prices of Authentic Software are a deterrent Unawareness of and Indifference to Law Students dont see any immorality in piracy

Breeding ground : Institutions, due to shared networks and inaction by academic officials

Findings on Movie Piracy

Most Downloaded
Software Movies Music Games

Reasons for movie piracy

Different release times DVDs too expensve Tickets too expensive


No difference in quality

20% 12% 20%

32% 32% 36% 36%

Conclusions about Movie Piracy

Movie Piracy is rampant among students DVD and Ticket Prices : too high Different release time throughout the world DVD due to its physical nature arent preferred Convenience, availability and access Ever improving quality of pirated versions

Increase awareness about illegality and immorality of piracy Have world-wide movie releases Promote legal digital movie downloads Sell only legal DRM-free content Micro-transactions : innovative form of earning revenue