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GROUP 6 Mahesh Koppad Swati Govil Swati Bothra Arnab Guha Mallik Vijeta Shrivastava Alpa Bhatt

It is a brand from GSK A market leader in the health food drinks category with market share of 52% The brand also has presence in biscuits and in snack-bar

Brand and Line extension

Brand Complan

Parent Company Heinz Variants Family Lite Flavoured drinks (Kesar badam, mango, strawberry etc) Complan Natural Bournvita Li'l Champs


Kraft Cadbury




Target Segment:
Little children, Age group of 1- 3 Pre-Schoolers, Age group 4-6

Nutritional requirements vary according to age. Toddlers are fussy eaters, which may lead to gaps in nutrition. Pre-schoolers, on the other hand, tend to have a busy schedule, and need adequate nutrition to keep them going through the day.

Junior Horlicks 1-2-3: An easy to digest drink for the fussy toddler at home (Junior Horlicks is partially predigested, which helps make it easy to digest) Junior Horlicks has positioned itself exclusively for children between the age of t 2 and 5 as junior horlicks1-2-3 Hence keeping the targete customers in mind the packaging is cute and the package has the picture of a small elephant which is very exciting for the small children Junior Horlicks 4-5-6 with Growth Boosters, Power Vitamins and Smart Nutrients: A nutrition packed health food drink for an active pre-schooler

Rich in ideal Quality Milk Protein Low Fat No Added Sugars 2 flavors: chocolate and caramel

Rs 100 for 200 gm jar

Women's Horlicks is designed to specifically address the health needs of women providing 100% of the daily requirement of iron, calcium, folate and vitamins B2, B6, B12, and C2. The target segment therefore consists of health conscious urban working women, in metros and mini-metros, between the ages 19-50, leading hectic lives focusing on career and family and hence not able to take care of themselves in the bargain.

Promotion Doctor Engagement Programs

GSKCH also introduced a Doctor Engagement Program wherein the company reaches out to physicians, dieticians and nutritionists to educate them about the product. This in turn, would hopefully lead to an official or at the very least, unofficial, product endorsement by these professionals. Their core strategy lies in grabbing the mind space of the consumers, rather than following the more traditional hard-sell route

Print and television Ads

Konkana Sen Sharma was selected as the face of the urban Indian woman of today, balancing career and home, a choice sure to resonate with most women. This, combined with the baseline, "Because your body needs you too!", starkly elegant in its very simplicity, captures the essence of the brand image GSK is trying to build.

Mothers HORLICKS: Every mother has a right to healthy babies!!

Mother's Horlicks, launched in 1997, is a superior nutritional supplement with 26 vital nutrients that is scientifically designed keeping the nutritional needs of the pregnant and breast feeding women in mind. An attempt to enhance nutritional superiority saw the launch of its new variant in May 2004 - Mother's Horlicks fortified with DHA. Available in all leading chemist outlets in packs of 500 g (Rs. 200 only) and 200 g (Rs. 100 only

Target Segment
Pregnant Ladies Lactating Mothers

Other benefits
Mother's Horlicks also supplies the recommended quantity of ideal quality proteins. Mother's Horlicks provides nutrients that are essential for blood and bone health. Mother's Horlicks is also rich in antioxidants which are essential during pregnancy and lactation.

Lite Horlicks
Lite Horlicks is a HFD specially designed to suit the nutritional needs of adults. provides strength and stamina by maintaining and repairing damaged body cells. Lite Horlicks has no added sugar and no fats. Contains 26 vital nutrients Has high fibre Is low fat Has essential antioxidants

Positioned itself as a nutritious product for health conscious and people having diabetes Lite Horlicks is available in two flavors - Original Malt and Badam.

Target Segment
40+ adults Diabetes Patients

New Lite Horlicks with zero added sugarand zero cholesterol Lite Horlicks is so far the only nutritional products to be endorsed and certified by Diabetes India

Segment: White health drink for the family Target: Initially focussed on all age groups. Now targets children in the age group of 614 years Positioning: Trust and promise of a "pleasurable nourishment" with a delicious range of flavors Price: Rs. 138

Segment: Chocolate flavored health drink for children Target: Children in the age group of 5-18 years

Segment: Chocolate based health drink for children Target: Young growing children from the middle and upper class Positioning: Chocolate health drink to make kids stronger and sharper

Segment: Chocolate based health drink for children Target: Young growing children from the middle and upper class

Positioning: Healthy drink which could be used as a median drink between carbonated drink s and fruit juices Price: Rs.135

Positioning: The COMplete PLANned Food for growing children Price: Rs.154

Price: Rs. 138

Brand Communication & Value proposition

Taller, Stronger, Sharper

Boost is the secret of my energy

Taiyyari jeet ki, Real Achievers who have grown up on Bournvita; Upbringing' to 'Intelligence; Good upbringing

The complete planned food; I am a Complan boy, Im a Complan girl; Grow 2 times faster

Line Extensions

Competition in the new segment

Competition Competitor brand strategy Consumer Perception of competitive offering

Junior Horlicks

Bournvita Li'l Champs

Targeted at under 5 age category Touting on its nutritional content and 5 star taste to catch the target segment Packaging is new and attractive Brand promises the mothers to make their kids champions like its brand ambassador Emotional benefit
NA NA Targeted at the entire family for 13 years & above fat-free and has no cholesterol and no added sugar

Bournvita Little Champ is liked by children along with milk due to its delicious taste. Parents believe it helps their children to become good in study, active and intelligent

Womens Horlicks Mothers Horlicks Horlicks Lite

Nil Nil Complan Family Lite

NA NA Perceived as a brand with functional benefits and helps to reduce cholesterol. Well accepted due to Complan name


Launch date (In India)

Market Share


Communication strategy

Presence 3 New flavor 2003



Junior Horlicks 1995 11%

No demographic 1990s; Health focused, no age or income barrier (evident) segmentation till extensions. emphasize trust in brand On health consciousness 2000s; Same except no reference to brand name/origin Few ads were more focused on kids Brand was trying to add fun element to its character by more energetic and humorous ads

Line Extensions
Age Emphasis on functional benefits, litter platform, connecting environment for parents

Mother Womens Horlicks and Variant* (DHA) Horlicks Lite

1997 & May 2004

Stage in life cycle

Very targeted ads in print and online media Completely functional in nature


Elite, family (size 2-3) and Health conscious

Relied on print, On spot purchase and media coverage No mass media till variant was launched in 2007

Women Horlicks

Jan 2008



Launch: Wide coverage by media (esp business dailies papers) Ad; 100% affective component Latest Ads: shows scientific support in addition to affective component and shows functional benefits very briefly

Effects of line extentions

Research suggest no adverse effect on parent brand
All the extensions seem to be well excepted with double digit growth The market share of parent brand has been increasing but if looked from 2 decades otherwise it has been same for last 8-9 years Sales has been increasing steeply (last year 17.8% growth) Divisional shares has been changing indicates switching behavior Line extensions can be anticipated in terms of defending the market share then increasing it

Customer support:
All the extensions were in line with the value of providing nourishment projected by the brand (No deviation) Horlicks has been associated with trust and care (Conformity)

No Brand dilution:
The product category growth has been very high around 14% pa This gave the extensions time and resources' to stabilize any immediate non acceptability The purchaser were not different (In most cases Women in families) thus brand association helped horlicks to get easy trials