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Ramneet singh & Aditya Sardana

Health of the Nation is more important than the wealth of the Nation

Road safety is a major public health concern. Indian road network is second longest in the world covering more than 3 million Kilometers. 80% of road length consists of village and other roads and 12% constitutes major districts roads. 85% of passenger loads and 70% of freight load is carried by road. As per 2004 data there were 72.7 million vehicles on roads and vehicle fleets are doubling after every 6 to 7 years. Financial outlay for road transport sector during 10th plan i.e. 2002-2007 was 9416.90 crores.

Types of vehicles plying on Indian roads along with their wrong usage according to their capacity is a matter of great concern for road safety. These vehicles create traffic chaos and are a cause of road crashes. Few examples are :--

A mini shop on a cycle

Carriage of goods on Horse carts

Wrong loading of Jeep

Wrong sitting posture of a man in a goods carrier

Traffic Mix!

Load volume larger than the vehicle

Labourer carrying a special ladder (Gohri) and his material on cycle

Carrying animal on a motor cycle

Jeep with over capacity of passengers

Road Accidents in India (In Thousands)

India has only 1 % of world vehicle population, but accounts for 6 % of the accidents and 10 % fatalities due to road traffic injuries. Total economic loss to society on account of road accidents is estimated to be Rs. 55000 crores per annum. In India 11 % of deaths due to non communicable diseases are due to injuries and 78 % of these injury deaths are due to road traffic crashes. Hence road safety becomes important responsibility of the governments.

Factors affecting Road Traffic Crashes:-

Types of roads and road users. Colliding vehicles. Environment and road related factors like road geometry, design, visibility, diversions etc. Vehicle related causing traffic mix.

Composition and flow of road traffic. Adherence / enforcement of road safety regulations. Unsafe driving behavior. Traffic congestion caused by increased use of private mode of transport and less practice of vehicle pooling. Highway capacity shortages (National Highways constitute less than 2 % of the road length of the country but carry 40 % of road based traffic). Lack of valid and fake driving licenses Nature of traffic management.

Over loading of vehicles particularly trucks and tractor trolleys.

Improper and overloading

Improper and overloading

Overloaded trolley

Vertical overload

Bottle necks in Road Safety:

Drivers especially of heavy vehicles operate under inhospitable conditions which induces high levels of stress and possibility of accidents. No organized wayside amenities, maintenance and repair facilities. Coverage of extra long distances by drivers leading to fatigue and long spells of absence from home leading to emotional deprivation causing increased mental stress. Concessions given to drivers by wayside eateries also known as Dhabas in the form of free food and alcohol for their own profit.

Lack of parking space alongside highways leading to parking on roads.

Inexperienced, untrained and underage, cyclists and rickshaw pullers on the road with no separate path for them. Presence of beggars on busy road junctions and traffic lights. Use of mobile phones while driving. Drug addiction. Presence of wine outlets near the roads. Sale of lotteries, helmets etc near roadside.

Presence of slums near the roads.

Selling of fruits on road side.

Sale of Jaggery near the road.

Sale of small items like tissue papers, agarbatis, Christmas caps, car shades, balloons, newspapers, magazines etc on traffic light.

Roads used as dumping place for construction material.

Dangers to Road safety due to religious reasons :-

Astrologers, palmists, tarot card readers etc. advise people to do certain rituals known as Upaayays which cause traffic chaos. eg. throwing something in flowing rivers, placing certain things on centre of the road or at cross junctions etc. Practice of donating money on certain specific days of the week in the name of religion and presence of these donation seekers on busy roads and traffic lights eg people on Saturday worship Saturday God known as Shani Devta and there are special persons known as Dandaut who dress up specially and hold a utensil in hand containing mustard oil and a iron casting of Saturday God. Partial encroachment of roads in the name of religion by building religious structures which may be small or big. Creating indigenous road blocks for organizing religious community kitchens also known as Langars . Organizing religious community kitchens on road and participation by overenthusiastic devotees on road.

Fulfilling of mythA Traffic hazard

Collecting donation in the name of religion (Saturday God)

Person donating alms in name of Saturday God

Creating road blocks for religious functions

Devotees stopping vehicles for serving food etc.

Devotees stopping vehicles for serving food etc.

Other Threats to Road Safety :

Movement of animals on busy roads Flouting of rules by road users. No separate pathway for the non motorized transport and pedestrians. Poor visibility due to fog. Parking of any type of vehicle at own convenience. Playing mischief on road (specially with women drivers) while driving. Seeking attention on road by playing gimmicks like leaving the handle while driving, standing while driving etc. Use of pressure horns or horns with loud and funny noises. Listening to loud music etc.

Animals roaming on roads

Animals roaming on roads

Animals roaming on roads

Poor visibility and no separate pathway for pedestrians

Playing mischief on road

Person carrying helmet in hand during riding

Where is the helmet ?

Cause for chaos on Road

Road Traffic Injuries cause:-

Death. Disability. Hospitalization. High Social and economic costs which include medical costs, cost related to administration, Legal and police expenditure, collateral damage in terms of damage to property and motor vehicles, loss due to income forgone rising out of absence from work or disability. In 2008, there were 4.4 Lakh road accidents leading to death of 94,968 persons i.e. there was one road accident every minute and one road accident death every 6 minutes. Quality of life of accident survivors becomes poor as they live with pain and suffering.

Multisectorial Involvement in Road Traffic Crash

Road Designers Civic Agencies

Transport Sector

Road Traffic Crash

Health Sector

Legal Sectors

Insurance Sector

Automobile Manufacturers

Complete co-ordination in all these sectors is needed for the rescue, transportation, trauma care and relief, investigation and compilation of data to achieve total road safety in the interest of road users.

Flow of information in case of road traffic crash:-Road Traffic crash Informer

Police Control Room (PCR)

PCR Van or Ambulance

Removes injured to the hospital after giving first aid and pre-hospital care where ever possible.

Traffic Police

Police Station

Sign board for emergency help

Sign board for emergency help

Existing Health care setup:

Sub Centres at village level Primary Health Centres Community Health Centres Civil Hospitals District Civil Hospitals and Trauma Centres Tertiary Care / Referral Hospitals and Medical Colleges with Super specialist set up. All through the chain of setup private practitioners are present, who also treat road traffic crash victims and form a very important link in treating and providing data for road traffic crash victims. Data regarding road traffic crashes and the treatment of crash victims can be collected from all these health set ups.

Remember .

Your Life is Precious and so is the Life of Others. Drive Safely and Live and Let Others Live

Happy and Safe Driving

Thank You