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Worlds Indices

Country: Spain Foundation: 1995 Stock Exchange: Bolsa de Madrid Number of constituents: 35 Rotation of the constituents: twice a year (in June and December)

o banking: 7 o construction: 6 o electricity and gas: 5 o electronic software: 2 o engineering: 2 o minerals, metals and transformation: 2
o car parks and motorways: 1 o communication and publicity: 1 o food retailers and wholesalers: 1 o insurance: 1 o investment services: 1 o manufacture and assembly of capital goods: 1 o petrol: 1 o pharmacy products and biotechnology: 1 o telecommunications: 1 o textiles, clothing and shoes: 1 o transport and distribution: 1

Grupo ACS (construction)

o 2.10 % index weighting o Founded in 1997 o Chairman: Florentino Perez

Alqueva Dam

Palacio de las Artes Reina Sofa

Torre Agbar

LGV PerpignanFigueres

Banco Santander (banking)

16.5 % index weighting Founded in 1857

Inditex (textiles, clothing and shoes)

Founded in 1985 Chairman: Amancio Ortega Includes world famous brands: Bershka, Stradivarius, Zara etc.

OBX Index
World Indices

OBX Index
Country: Norway Foundation: 1980-es Stock Exchange: Oslo Stock Exchange Number of constituents: 25 Rotation of the constituents: twice a year (2nd Friday of June and December)

o oil and gas equipment and services: 5 o multi-line insurance: 2 o oil and gas drilling: 2 o oil and gas storage and transportation: 2 o packaged foods and meats: 2
o o o o o o o o o o o o aluminium: 1 automotive retail: 1 biotechnology: 1 diversified banks: 1 electrical components and equipment: 1 fertilizers and agricultural chemicals: 1 hotels, resorts and cruise lines: 1 industrial conglomerates: 1 integrated oil and gas: 1 integrated telecommunication services: 1 oil and gas exploration and production: 1 publishing: 1

Statoil (oil and gas equipment and services)

o 28.1 % of the whole index weight o Founded in 1972 o World's 13th largest oil and gas company (2010). o The largest operator on the Norwegian continental shelf (60% of the total production)

Statfjord a Statoil platform in Norway

Telenor (integrated telecommunication services)

o o o o o

Founded in1855 1878 - first telephone service in Norway 1920 - automation of the telephone system 1946 - first Telex service 1966 - first manual mobile telephone system

Telenor headquarters in Fornebu, near Oslo

Marine Harvest (packaged foods and meats)

o Founded in 2006 o World's largest company in the sector

Marine Harvest operation on Loch Ailort, Scotland, one of the oldest Atlantic salmon farms.

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