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Beginning Spanish for Border Patrol Agents

Tonka Jokelova President Instruction for Excellence

Description of the problem Who are we? Preliminary analysis Detailed analysis Description of the anticipated product Design plan Development plan Implementation plan Evaluation plan Possibilities Timeline Budget

Your issue
Low level of conversational Spanish of border patrol agents at vehicle checkpoints

Your solution
Instruction for Excellence an instructional design and development company specializing in the language training detailed and tailored instruction backed up by research sample products available upon request

Instruction for Excellence

President holds a PhD in instructional design Staff and personnel - highly qualified and professionally trained

Sub-contractors carefully screened with the history of successful cooperation

What we already know

Region El Paso sector Number of agents 350 Basic learner characteristics Basic learning environment characteristics

Basic learner characteristics

Higher education (or secondary education + experience) Good vision and hearing Basic course in conversational Spanish Basic computer skills

Basic learning environment characteristics

Access to computers with the Internet Some computers equipped with headphones with microphones Further education included in the job description

Further analysis
Exact client needs, current level of performance interviews Learners learning styles, prior knowledge, gender questionnaires Learning environment number of computers per agent, software availability site visit Performance environment context in which the new knowledge will be used site visit

Deliverables OR what you are going to get

Reusable 3-week-long online course with active instructor feedback, tailored audio and video elements with ownership rights included, 2 extra weeks available for make-up work of absent participants and assessment Supply of headsets with a microphone up to 50 pieces, Printable handouts included in the course, Initial course demonstration, printed user tutorial, technical support for the duration of the course, Individual assessment of all 350 participants by a team of certified expert teachers of Spanish as a second language, Weekly progress report sent to the station chiefs, Evaluation report after the course completion.

Goal statement Procedural analysis Subordinate skills analysis Entry behaviors Objectives for all skills Objectives clustered, sequenced, assessment items written Instructional strategies designed for each cluster, media selected

2 phases
Development at home
Conceptualization Development of the online portion of the course Development of audio segments Storyboards for video segments Development of handouts Development of testing scripts, rubrics

Sub-contracted development
Video production

Online course demonstration 3-week-long self-paced online course with assignment deadlines and instructor feedback Technical support Weekly progress report sent to station chiefs

Internal using a sub-contracted teacher of Spanish as a second language. Small group all border patrol agents from Albuquerque station (4 agents), feedback questionnaire completed in the Development phase

Immediately after the completion of the course, based on test scores

What you might be interested in in the future

Free course re-use for other stations Free course-related technical support for 1 year Paid instructor feedback and assessment for additional course reuse Additional paid development of courses in different subjects using the same format

June 1, 2009 July 31, 2009

August 1, 2009 September 30, 2009

October 1, 2009 December 15, 2009

January 1, 2010 January 31, 2010

Evaluation, assessment, additional makeup work

February 1, 2010 March 15, 2010

The project completed by

March 31, 2010


interviews, site visits, survey research and analysis goal statement, skills identification, objectives formulation, clustering

2 months



2 months

$ 20.000


storyboarding, creating online course, recording audio, video, test development, formative evaluation Albuquerque site visit

2.5 months

$ 70.000


course demonstration 1 month site visit, assignment feedback, 1-year-long tech support, weekly reports, assessment



summative evaluation, final report

1,5 months
9 months



Tonka Jokelova Instruction for Excellence 113 Hilltop Dr E Mobile, AL 36608
Phone: (251) 209-8794 Email: aj302@jaguar1.usouthal.edu