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How to write e-mails

E-mails--- Formal Or Informal Communication?

Appear to be informal. Yet used extensively in business correspondence. Legal evidence

Top Complaints About E-mail In Practice

Vague Subject Line: Need a SMART subject line that is Specific Meaningful Appropriate Relevant Thoughtful A brief but descriptive line is useful

Top Complaints (contd)

No greeting: Some greeting is essential If formal--->Dear Mr Desai or Dear Mr. Mahesh or Dear Mr Mahesh Desai or Dear Ms Pathak or Dear Ms Snehal If less formal--->Hello Mahesh The greeting indicates whether it is addressed to you or whether it is a cc. It reduces the impersonality of computerized mail.

Top Complaints (contd)

No sign off: A sign off signals: Courtesy End of message Reinforces identity of sender A formal message ends with Regards or Warm Regards followed by the senders name. Automatic signatures include name, email address and any appropriate identifying information

Top Complaints (contd)

Poor Formatting: Make small paragraphs with the help of a blank space---Prefer short lines and paragraphs,not vague, long winding messages Avoid poor tone, poor structure, spelling and punctuation

Top Complaints (contd)

CC to the whole world! Courtesy copies to the whole world are not always required! Decide just who needs to know the information

Some Precautions
Dont just dive into your message: Be friendly in the opening of mail Be precise and clear: First decide what exactly has to be got across Dont shout: Use all capital letters only for emphasis Dont flame people by using abusive language Dont attach unnecessary files (especially heavy files) Take care with abbreviations (btw--by the way, LOL--laugh out aloud)

Some Precautions (contd)

Cover only one topic in each message Ensure that the most important part of the message receives immediate attention Eliminate emoticons in business e-mails Avoid e-mail chains when replying to or forwarding e-mails Proof read your message before sending Know when not to use e-mails

From mahesh.desai@tatamotors.com Date 20.2.08 To pradnyac@sims.edu CC Subject Hello! Hello Pradnya Hope things r well with u. Its good 2 to know that u will be back in pune again 2 hold your workshop on effective biz writing. PLS LET ME HAVE SOME FREE DATE while u r over here. Some book stores are interested in a talk cum singing event. Hope u agree 2 take part. Tnks & rgs

From mahesh.desai@tatamotors.com Date 20.2.08 To pradnyac@sims.edu CC Subject Book signing in Pune Hello Pradnya, I hope things are well with you. I was pleased to learn that you will be back in Pune by end of March to conduct your workshop on Effective Business Communication. Some bookstores are interested in requesting you to do a talk and signing event. I hope you will agree to take part. If so, please let me have some free dates while you are over here. See you soon, Mahesh

An e-mail to a supplier who has failed to deliver material in time, leading to production loss. An e-mail to a supplier requesting him to withhold a price increase request An e-mail to a contractor requesting him to ensure that certain maintenance activities need to be completed on a weekly off A mail to a Head of another department requesting him to depute a member for a small group for quality improvement. A mail to a colleague in another department requesting completion of certain activities from his department which are a prerequisite for your work A letter to your HR recommending certain training for your juniors.