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Ways to improve the quality of teaching in design and technology


Design and technology is a subject

which is less attention given by student, we should think how to improve teaching methods the best for the student.

Plan your work

- As a teacher, we must be sensitive to the

needs of the curriculum of life skills subjects. As a teacher, we need to plan our lessons to ensure that curriculum requirements are met. Annual Plan / semester is based on the calendar week of school. Teachers need to prepare teaching and learning (P & P) for each session to guide the implementation of P & P. Semester Teaching Plan / Annual should be provided at the beginning of the year or early in the semester prior to any one school session begins.

Multiply oriented learning "hands on.

This subject involves a lot of life skills that is

practical, not theoretical. Teachers should always disclose to students the use of tools and step guide will teach students better understand their lessons. Provide opportunities for students to use their own tools. Give them a free project to improve their creativity without breaking the syllabus is taught. Give them exposure to the importance of this subject to improve skills to help the country

Use of Teaching Aids

Fatimah Ali (1980), sensory involvement can only occur if a variety of teaching aids used in teaching and learning. Heinich (1993), states that people learn 10% through sight, understand and remember as much as 20% of hearing loss and over 80% through hearing and sight. To produce the maximum effect, the process of teaching and learning should incorporate all the senses of the students during the presentation. In conclusion, the medium of teaching aids to help teachers improve the

Facilities / tools
Sufficient and complete facilities/tools

- Important for the teaching proceed smoothly In good condition - Avoid from accident Up to date - Suitable with the change in technology - Know to use the new tools.

Professional teachers
Have more knowledge than other

teacher. Have been trained and skill to teach this subject. Have spirit and confident to teach this subject Student will be easy to understand. Know to attract student to have interest on this subject.

quality of teaching is very important for

the students to produce students with a holistic and balanced. Good teaching is also coming from the heart to form, human capital with first class and had the best morals.