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I think that my news bulletin definitely attracted my audience as very people who I asked about the news stories

that I covered all said that they could relate to at least one of the stories meaning that there was a news story there for everybody. I found that more people were interested in my hard and sports news story as I gained feedback such as its a raw issue at the moment regarding the hard news story and that I found it very interesting" about my sports news story.

All of the people who I asked for feedback on my news bulletin all said that the jingle that I used on piece was good as I received positive feedback. Most people said that the jingle was catchy. This is a great factor as this is what a jingle is used for; keeping the audience engaged.

The interviews and vox pops that I used also gained very positive feedback from my audience as they all said that they were very informative and related to the topic of a certain news story. This is was I wanted to hear as my group and I carefull picked out the right people the interview for each news story as they all had to be informative to the specific news story.

I thought that Oldham Community Radio did attract their audience as they covered a lot of news stories. They covered; 2 hard news stories, 2 soft news stories, 1 off the wall story and 1 sports stories. They covered a lot more topics compared to my news bulletin which is why my news bulletin did not attract a big audience. If I was allowed more time for my news bulletin I would have covered more news stories because this would attract a bigger audience from different social groups and subcultures.

Although, the news stories that they did cover may not appeal to my target audience of 14-19 year olds. This particular news bulletin covered a hard news story about the RBS boss and has the angle of politics. I think that my target audience would find this uninteresting as this is a topic that teenagers generally find boring. Although, I do think that this story would appeal to Oldham Community Radios older audiences as they take interest in what is happening regarding politic matters.

Overall, I am happy with my news bulletin as I think that it attracts a large audience. Although, I do think we could have appealed to more of the subcultures in society but I did not know much about the different subcultures whilst I was recording so I never really took them into account. I feel that I can take a lot of inspiration from the Oldham Community radio news bulletin as it seemed very successful to many different groups within a audience.