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Research Methodology



Professor asks students to study relationship between

flame flickering and music beat

15 students said yes 5 students said no How did it happen?

Condition of experiment different Sensor biased Planning and conducting rigorous research and development projects in science and engineering is often very challenging This is our motivation

Aim of Subject Learning Outcome of Subject Assessment Scheme Definition of research Introduction to academic research Contemporary research in Engineering and Technology

Aim of Subject

The main objectives of this course are to help students:

To use information systems effectively; To write a critical review of the relevant literature; To identify a research problem; To develop and write a research proposal for their discipline area;

Aim of Subject

To propose and justify an appropriate research plan for the chosen research problem; To choose and apply an appropriate experimental design to a particular research problem, if required; To understand and apply a range of standard techniques for instrumentation and data acquisition; To prepare a well written and concise research thesis or report

Assessment Scheme
Group assignment Preparation of research proposal Graded as Pass or Fail

Critical Review Research Proposal Study Model Research Ethics Case Studies Technical Writing Short assignments

Reference Books

Ranjit Kumar. "Research Methodology" Longman, 1996 Lindsay D. A Guide to Scientific Writing Longman, 1995 Ralph Berry. How to write a Research Paper, Pergamon, 1986 Gerson S J and Gerson S M. Technical Writing Process and Product, Prentice Hall, 1992 Coley S M and Scheinberg C A, "Proposal Writing", Newbury Sage Publications, 1990

How do you view research?

A quest for knowledge and understanding An interesting and useful experience A course for qualification A career A style of life A way to improve quality of life An ego boost

Have you done research?

Not a new process

Looking for a dream job Looking for good apartment Buying a cheap car Finding the love of your life

Beginning of 2nd Millennium Dark Ages Renaissance 3G Exploration into Africa and Asia Crusaders fight for Jerusalem Can Earth possibly be flat? Research begins .

Chinese civilization Islamic civilization Indian civilization All have contributions to research too

Definition of Research

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary (http://www.merriam-webster.com)

careful or diligent search studious inquiry or examination; especially : investigation or experimentation aimed at the discovery and interpretation of facts, revision of accepted theories or laws in the light of new facts, or practical application of such new or revised theories or laws the collecting of information about a particular subject

Definition of research

Greenfield (1996): Research is an art aided by skills of

inquiry, experimental design, data collection measurement and analysis

by interpretation, and by presentation

fundamentally more significant as a contributor to the success of a commercial organization apply scientific, engineering or technological knowledge in a systematic manner to improve performance organization growth and increase shareholder value


Exploits technology created elsewhere Has a final product or process tied to it Has finite timescales in which to deliver Has finite costs for the end product Is targeted at tangible benefits for the customer

Research is a process that acquires new knowledge Development is a process that applies knowledge to create new devices or effects

R&D Problems
Research seeks truth Development seeks utility Industry cant afford luxury of research Academics uninterested with development Myopic views R&D is interdependent

R&D Problems
Research results cannot be reproduced Data collection is haphazard Experiment methods are chaotic Trial and error Lack records Reports are disorganized

Academic Research Problems

Very similar to R&D problems Research methodology is important In Science & Engineering, lack of emphasis on research methodology Research methodology informal training

Importance of Research Methodology Definition:

Research Development