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Presentation on
Business Process:

Online and offline ADR and Court
Global Digital Barter
© By SK Razvi, Lawyer & founder
eadrline.com; earbitration.net; ecourttech.com
Digital Firms:
E-Arbiter Inc, WA, USA (EAInc)
Legal Vistas Consultancy P Ltd. (LVC)
Miftah Advisory (India) P Ltd. (MAI)

Digital convergence for legal dispute resolution both

online and offline, ADR or in courts.

A business process offer from Digital Firms:

EA Inc (US), LVC, MAI (India)

Stream A: Technical forms @ www.earbitration.net, www.eadrline.com

Integrates ECF
Online Document Management
Creation of Data Base Management System

Stream A : Processes Involved Online

‘File A Case’ or USER process
‘Eregistry’ or Notice Clerk
‘Earbitration Centers’ @ www.ecourttech.com

(c) Syed Kamran Razvi 2


Digital convergence for legal dispute resolution both

online and offline, ADR or in courts.

A business process offer from Digital Firms:

E-A Inc., LVC & MAI (India)

Stream B: Technical Forms

‘Earbitration Centers’ @ Low cost high tech offline center under
Hosting Institution Centers or
Rented by Digital Firms;

‘ Court Room Technology’ @ low cost ‘level One technology’

‘ecourttech soft’ higher version for Court Rooms
(under PPP or BOT basis)
Stream B: Process Involved:

Online filing ECF and Online document Management by Portals

while ‘Earbitration Centers’ facilitate ADR

CRT: Integration of Audio-Video-Hypertext, with and without

DEPS (Digital Evidence presentation system)
(c) Syed Kamran Razvi 3


STREAM A: Adoption of ECF&ODM
1.Impartial dispute resolution by Courts and Quasi-
with binding effect on parties
under governing law of
judicial forums;
arbitration and earbitration ‘Earbitration Centers’;
rules; offline with online
2.Alternative Mode offers timely comb.
and zero-costs solution; Adoption of Court room
3.Grievance is settled at
technology ‘level one’
convenience of parties in web and ‘ecourttech soft’

Corporate/Institution SME/FIRMS
1.Timely settlement, saves costs and
man hours, with image reflection
(accountability & openness) of 1. Cuts costs and man hours lost, for
Corporate/institution; their small staff at their disposal;
2. Compliances like investor 2. disputes are resolved in Eweb enabled
grievances settlement and consumer environment in timely fashion;
settlement mechanism as regulatory 6. Exports, vendors etc can manage
or statutory compliance; their litigation well through
3. Retaining customers “RESEOLVEWAY”
4. e Good Corporate Practice 7. ‘Earbitration Centers’ will give offline
5. Industrial Lobby organization can and online comb
supplement or opt this as Dispute
resolution mode.
(c) Syed Kamran Razvi 4
Revenue Streams

‘FILE A CASE’ or ‘USER’ : AJAX web technology
• Corporate/Institution (Subscription service)
• Consumer (Free service-paid by Company)
• SME and Corporate (Subscription service)
Eregistry : ECF-ODM-DBMS
• Enotices - (subscription service/per usage)

STREAM B: ‘level one tech’; ‘ecourttech soft’

‘Earbitration Centers’ (Fixed usage and service charges)

Arbitrators fees (fixed plus percentage)

Expert evidence (subscription service)
Court Room Technology and CLCT centers (contract/tender)

(c) Syed Kamran Razvi 5

How to be part of

• Subscriber of services

• Business Representative

• Arbitrator

• Student Volunteer

• adoption of CRT

• collaboration

• Hosting Institution Scheme

• Volunteering time under Schemes

(c) Syed Kamran Razvi 6

“Resolveway” TM


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Mbl; +919810078799

(c) Syed Kamran Razvi 7