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Managerial Communications

Presenter: Prof. Rajsee Joshi N.R. Institute of Business Management GLS Institute of Computer Technology - MBA

Topics Covered
Basics of Written Communication Body Language of Business Letters Letter Components and Layouts

All Readers do not have:

The same vocabulary or the same knowledge of the subject The same mentality, or the same ability to understand Form the message to fit persons mind This helps us to communicate better it is also basis of business etiquette

Adapting to Multiple Readers

If you write for one person in a group, you may miss the others To communicate with all of them, write for the lowest member of the group

Selecting Words:
Use Familiar words Examples: Inscription : Writing, Terminate : End Difficult words are not all bad Use them when they fit your needs And when they are understood by the reader! Use Technical Words and Acronyms cautiously Legal language has worked its way into business writing e.g. thereto, herewith, etc.

Selecting Words:
Select words with the right strength E.g. Tycoon is stronger than the term successful businessmen; Mother is stronger than female parent Sometimes, weaker words serve your purpose best Bill is stronger than statement Die is stronger than Passed Away

Use Concrete Language

Use concrete words: Specific Words 53% loss instead of a major loss 95% attendance instead of good attendance

Select words for Precise Meaning

Study language and learn shades of difference in the meanings of similar words Eg. Good, fine, excellent, first rate, superior, outstanding, brilliant Similarly, Fired, dismissed, terminated, discharged refer to the same meaning, but have different shades of meaning

Some more rules to follow:

Non-discriminatory Writing However, not all male sounding words are discriminatory e.g. manufacture, management, manipulate Avoid expressions that identify gender in a work role e.g. Lady Doctor, Actress, Poetess

Some more rules to follow:

Avoid words that Stereotype by Age Words that label people as old or young can arouse negative reactions Be sensitive with terms like mature, elderly, youngster, juvenile Avoid words that Typecast Those with Disabilities Avoid slang terms like fits, attacks, retarded Use epilepsy, Physically or Mentally Challenged

Layout of a Business Letter: Stationery

Finest Quality that you can afford Nature of business probably determines the colour of the paper suited Most popular size is A4 Letterhead should be elegant Laser or inkjet printing looks better than dot matrix printing Address of the recipient Senders Address

Stationery Cont
Envelopes very important Postage stamps should be affixed at the right place and in a neat fashion Dont fold your letter three or four times to squeeze it into a small envelope Dont staple your envelopes Sticking the envelopes flap

Layout of a Business Letter:

Margins: Generally leave an inch and half to two inches on the left margin and the top (if there is no letterhead), one to one and half inches on the right and bottom Punctuation Closed Punctuation: A period follows the dateline, the end line of the inside address, while all preceding lines in the inside address, salutation, complimentary close, are set-off by commas

Layout of a Business Letter:

Closed Punctuation Date: 5th October 2009. Inside Address:

Prof. Rajsee Joshi, Faculty, GLS-MBA, GLS Campus, Law

Garden, Ahmedabad 380009. Salutation: Dear Prof. Joshi, Complimentary Close: Yours Sincerely,

Layout of a Business Letter:

Open Punctuation: No punctuation except in the body in which usual punctuation marks are used Mixed Punctuation: Comma is used after the street name, salutation, and a complimentary close and a period follows the last line of the inside address

LETTERHEAD a) Companys Name: Generally Written in one line. Shree Vinayak Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. Generally used abbreviations after the companys name. If a company is formed with limited liability, in UK Ltd. In the U.S. its Inc (incorporated), Australia its Pty Ltd In India Pvt. Ltd

LETTERHEAD b) Full Postal Address c) Contact Numbers, Email & Website d) Registered Office and Registered Number: When the registered office is different from that shown at the address section of the letterhead e) Date: Two spaces below the last line of the letterhead No suffix such as nd, rd, th is added to the day Use either of the following:

Components Cont
INSIDE ADRRESS: 2 spaces below the date and 2 spaces above the attention line or salutation a) Special Markings: CONFIDENTIAL / URGENT b) Salutation: 2 spaces below the last line of inside address If your recipients name has been used in the inside address, it is a common practice to use it in salutation Dear Mr. Kalyan Dear Ms. Joshi

Components Cont
c) Heading: gives a brief indication of the content, placed a space after the salutation.
Dear Mr. Kalyan
Order # 9

d) Subject Line: Help the reader know about and helps in the process of filling according to the subject matter. There are some who place subject line between inside address Dear Sir and salutation. SUBJECT: SUPPLY OF RAW MATERIAL

Components Cont
e) Letter Body: Should flow logically from beginning to end - Opening or Introduction: acknowledge any previous correspondence or provide an introduction to the matter e.g. Thank you for your letter dated. e.g. We wish to hold our conference at your hotel on. - Main Body: Contains all the information which has been requested or which the recipient needs to

Components Cont
- Future Action (or Response): After all the details have been provided, it is logical to state the response required or what action may be expected, wishes or intentions or you may state what action you will take e.g. Please let us know the cost involved, and send us a specimen. - Closing Section e.g. I look forward to hearing from you soon e.g. A prompt reply would be appreciated

Components Cont
f) Complimentary Close: Polite way of closing a letter. Typed two spaces below the last line of the body. 1st letter of the first word is capitalized. E.g. Yours truly
Dear Sir Dear Madam Dear Sir/Madam Dear Dear Dear Dear Yours faithfully Or Yours truly

Ms. Kranthi Kalyan Customer Shareholder

Yours sincerely

Components Cont
g) Name of Signatory/Designation
Yours faithfully V Kalyan Chairperson

When signing on behalf it is a general practice to write for

Components Cont
h) Enclosures: Type Enc or Encs at the bottom of the letter i) Copies to be Circulated: CC foot of the letter after designation or after enclosures j) Continuation of Pages: Page no., date and Mr. V Kalyan -25 October 2009 addressees name k) Address on the Envelopes: Same as the inside address including any attention or confidential indication

Forms of Layout of Letter

Block Form Semi-Block Form Full-Block Form Indented Form Examples of each form given separately

Thank You