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Pakistans Retailing Environment

Largely disorganized sector Varying figures on total size Unilever - $35 billion

General Stores and Modern Trade

General Stores:

700,000 kiryana stores 70% of all grocery purchases Share of Volume Advantages: convenience, credit extension, home delivery, personal relationships
Contribute 18-20% sales in FMCG LMTs Aghas, Naheed, Alfatah, HKB, Chase IMT Metro, Hyperstar Located in urban areas and offer extensive variety of local and imported products

Modern Trade:

Why Modern Retailing is Growing

Pakistan is emerging market for Modern Retailing Retail potential of 2012 was $42 billion Why Pakistan?
Per capita consumer spending in Pakistan has increased by 37% between 2006 and 2011. Per capita grocery spending increased by almost 30%, whereas per capita non-grocery spending increased by a vibrant 46%. Beauty and personal care products has grown by 300% over last 6 years consumer electronics and durables has increased sharply. Planet Retail Global Retail Intelligence resources

Why Modern Trade is Flourishing

High population growth rate. Rapid urbanization rate of 7% - greater opportunities for large retailers to meet the demands of a growing market Still too few modern trade outlets in urban cities. An increase in the number of outlets will lead to shorter travel times and greater convenience.

Modern Trades Future

With time and with the influx of more modern trade outlets in urban centers, each supermarket or hypermarket will have to create a unique positioning for itself. Most supermarkets have a generic positioning and offer the same types of products. American retail environment:
Walmart and Target -discount retailers, Whole Foods Market -natural and organic products, Trader Joes - specialty foods

Modern Trade and Manufacturers

Larger shelf spaces allows manufacturers to display greater width and depth of product varieties. Easier to approach and supply modern retail outlets as compared to logistical nightmare of reaching far-off places. Large floor area allows creativity in store branding and conduct promotional activities to engage customers

Modern Trade and Manufacturers

Can stock more competitors products in more quantity as compared to GT High negotiating power of modern retailers Store Brands developed in direct competition with manufacturers strong blackmailing tool.