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Medium Voltage Products, PPMV Nashik, 2011 Name, department/event, date

SafeLink CB SF6 Insulated Ring Main Unit Product Presentation

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Power and productivity for a better world ABBs vision for India

Continue to build the technology needed to meet the demand of tomorrow, today

Preferred partner for renewables, energy efficiency, industrial productivity and grid reliability
Recognized good corporate citizen Preferred employer and talent source for ABB worldwide

How ABB in India is organized Five global divisions

Power Products 19,520 MINR 2,260 employees

2010 revenues

Power Systems 19,446 MINR 2,060 employees

Discrete Automation and Motion 15,594 MINR 1,050 employees

Low Voltage Products 4,445 MINR 470 employees

Process Automation 12,590 MINR 1,750 employees

ABBs portfolio covers:

Electricals, automation, controls and instrumentation for power generation and industrial processes Power transmission

Distribution solutions Low-voltage products PLCs, variable frequency drives, motors for discrete automation and process industries

SafeLink CB Compact Ring Main Unit for Secondary Distribution

SF6 insulated switchgear 12 kV, 630 A, 21 kA Metal Enclosed design Cost effective solution for local and global market Type tested according to IEC standards Extensible on both sides Internal Arc classified IP54 degree of protection Vacuum Circuit Breaker with high mechanical endurance of 5000 operations Maintenance free and safety for user and pedestrian

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Manufactured according to ISO 9001 14001

Recyclable and very low environmental impact

Safe-series product evolution SafeLink CB

Well proven technology years of experience global references
36 kV

24 kV

12 kV



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Applicable IEC standards SafeLink CB

Type tested as per following relevant latest IEC standards

IEC 62271-200 (Switchgear) IEC 62271-1 (Common Specifications)

IEC 62271-100 (Circuit Breaker)

IEC 62271-102 (Disconnector & Earthing Switches) IEC 60265-1 (Switch)

IEC 60529 (Degree of Protection)

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Unit Overall View/Picture SafeLink CB

Extensible RMUs in coupled condition

Non-extensible CVC RMU

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 7

Design Philosophy SafeLink CB

Compact and Robust Design Simulations application for design validations

Personnel safety considerations

Modern development and manufacturing techniques Durability and recyclable for environment

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General Information SafeLink CB

SafeLink CB is a Ring Main Unit for secondary distribution network up to 12 kV

Suitable for indoor as well as outdoor applications Extensibility on both sides Completely factory assembled, sealed and ready to use

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Configurations SafeLink CB

Available in non-extensible configurations of CVC and extensible configurations of +CVC+, +V+ and +C+ where

C- Cable/Ring switch module with test point facility (3 positions ON-OFF-EARTH)

V-Vacuum circuit breaker module for relay transformer protection

(with manually operated


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Applications SafeLink CB

Small/Light industries Wind power plants Buildings, hotels, shopping centers Office buildings, business centers Mining applications Airports, Hospitals Railway systems

Underground railway projects

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Secondary Distribution Network SafeLink CB

400 kV Transmission substation Transformer

130 kV 40-70 kV

Main substation

Secondary Distribution 11 kV Distribution substation

415 V

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 12

RMU in Network SafeLink CB

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 13

ABB Factory Nashik, India

ABB Medium Voltage Switchgear factory in Nasik.


Outdoor & Indoor Breakers Air Insulated Switchgears Ring Main Units (RMU)

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 OHSAS 18001

550 employees for offices / factories

Modular Systems (CSS)

Vacuum Interrupters Retrofit & Services

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 14

Technical Data SafeLink CB

C Module Switch Earthing Disconnector Switch 12 12 38 38 45 45 95 95 110 110 630 630 630 630 25 1 75 43.5 52.5 21 M1 52.5 21 M0 V Module Vacuum Circuit Earthing Switch Breaker /Disconnector 12 12 38 38 45 45 95 95 110 110 630 630 25 (Class C2) 10 (Class C2) 21 52.5 21 M1+3000 see2) 21 M0

Rated Voltage Power frequency withstand voltage - across disconnector Lightning impulse withstand voltage - across disconnector Rated normal current1) Breaking capacities - active load breaking current - closed loop breaking current - cable charging breaking current - line charging breaking current - earth fault breaking current - earth fault cable and line charging - short circuit breaking current Making capacity Short time current (3-sec) Mechanical Operations
1)Suitable 2)Disconnector

kV kV kV kV kV A A A A A A A kA kA kA nos

derating shall be applied for ambient temperatures greater than 40 deg is manually opearated, earthing operation is through VI. Hence no making capacity assigned

Internal Arc Classification (IAC)

AF 20 kA 1 sec for inside tank

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Switchgear Dimensions1 CVC (in mm) SafeLink CB

1210 960

Side View Height: 1540 mm, Width: 960 mm, Depth 1210 mm
ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 16

Front View


Bushing C-C 100 mm



Switchgear Dimensions2 CVC (in mm) SafeLink CB.


Bushing C-C 105 mm

Back View

Front Door Open View

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 17


Switchgear Dimensions +CVC+ (in mm) SafeLink CB.

Side View

Front View

Back View

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 18

Switchgear Dimensions +V+ (in mm) SafeLink CB.

Side View

Front View

Back View

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 19

Switchgear Dimensions +C+ (in mm) SafeLink CB.

Side View

Front View

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 20

Switchgear Dimensions in coupled condition (in mm) SafeLink CB.


Front View
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Cable/Ring Switch Module (C) SafeLink CB

3 position switch disconnector and earthing switch SF6 as arc quenching and insulating medium Cable Test Point Bushings on bottom of the tank (standard) Single spring latched mechanism for all 3 positions of ON-OFF-EARTH Cable compartments and Test Point compartments interlocked Busbar extension bushing

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 22

Vacuum Circuit Breaker Module (V) SafeLink CB

VG5 interrupter from ABB Interruption in vacuum Insulation provided by gas

5000 mechanical endurance operations 30000 operations of VI at rated current Three position disconnector and earthing switch

No consumable parts
Rugged and reliable

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 23

Manufacturing facilities and features SafeLink CB

Modern production techniques

Stainless Steel Tank enclosure

Programmed Robotic Welding Sealed Pressure System leakage tested with automated and modern machine Vacuum Interrupters manufactured in world class ABB facility for high reliability and long life Environmental friendly and maintenance free for life

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 24

Tank Overview SafeLink CB

Vacuum BKR aligned to T-off side with cable bushings on back side

Switch cable bushings on the side Mechanisms for Circuit Breaker and Cable Switch Disconnector manually operated Test Point Bushings in the bottom of the tank

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 25

Relays Self-powered SafeLink CB

Protection CTs mounted on the T-off side bushings CT powered protection relay (no external power supply necessary) Economical Easy adjustment Perfect for large distribution transformers REJ603: ABB relay option with HMI Relay with advanced overcurrent and earth fault functions

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Installation Footprint and Maintenance SafeLink CB

Compact design Easy to install and connect Commissioning - factory tested

NO live parts exposed

Minimum number of parts Fully sealed and screened unit

Virtually maintenance free

Cable terminations on side and on rear

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 27

Cable Termination and Bushings SafeLink CB

Cable bushings with interface C, 400 series, bolted type, 630A

All cable bushings covered by interlocked boxes

Arc proof cable compartments Capacitive voltage indication as standard for all cable bushings Extensible bushings on the side

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 28

Mechanisms and Interlocks SafeLink CB

EL2 Mechanism (BKR)

Rough, reliable with proven technology

Stored energy and trip free Minimum number of moving parts High number of mechanical operations Anti-pumping device built in Interlocked with disconnector

Ring Switch Mechanism (RCS)

Single spring latched mechanism for 3 positions ON-OFFEARTH Interlocked with cable box and Test Point box

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Breaker Module Accessories SafeLink CB


Shunt opening release (-MO1)


Additional shunt opening release (MO2)

Shunt closing release (-MC) 3NO+2NC or 2NO+3NC Auxiliary contacts (BB1/BB2) Closing spring charging motor operator (-MS) Operational counter for BKR as optional

C. D.


ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 30

Additional Accessories SafeLink CB

L1 L2 L3

2NO-NC auxiliary switches for Switch

2NO-NC auxiliary switches for Disconnector

1 NO auxiliary switch for monitoring low pressure in equipment Short Circuit/Earth Fault Indicators according to DIN standards for switch modules

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 31

Switchgear Compartments SafeLink CB


Mechanisms Switch Pressure relief Cable Connection Cable Compartment Test Point Bushings

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 32

Front Mimic SafeLink CB

Logical user interface Clear display of all functions with appropriate usage of colours for ONOFF-EARTH functions and indication Mimics independent of language Padlock for switch and disconnector

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 33

Description of functions SafeLink CB

8 1 2 3 4
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Manometer 11 Relay Fault Indicator VPIS for Ring Switch RHS Ring Switch RHS 10 Cable Box for Ring Switch RHS Test Point Box for Ring Switch RHS Operating Handle T-Off Cable Box (For BKR) Protection CT mounted on BKR Bushing Lifting Hooks for Switch Gear Tank Earthing End Cover Box (Extensible bushing)

5 6 7


9 12

ABB Group May 25, 2013 | Slide 34

Why SafeLink CB?

Cost efficiency

High standardized volumes Space saving Minimal maintenance Easy installation High personnel safety

Tested acc. To IEC (internal arc fault)

Interlocking provided for all cable boxes Arc proof cable covers Reliability & Power continuity

Climate independent & robust structure

ABB quality (high level production with high quality components)

Environment friendly 95% recyclable Compact and extensible design with less use material (compared to AIS)

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End of Life SafeLink CB

Design compliance - 30
years +

Gas remains inside Recycling 95% approx by

weight (CVC unit)

ABB policy for recycling www.abb.com/sf6 We are equipped to re-claim

gas from discarded switchgears

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