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Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma

Enabling Objective
To make the participants know the procedures and protocols of the corporate world

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma

Determining objective
To help participants follow the etiquette in their interactions with their peers, superiors and subordinates

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma

Terminal objective
To instill and ingrain the basic tenets of etiquette as a natural process of corporate life

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma

Manners Procedures protocols

The forms, manners, and ceremonies established by convention as acceptable or required in social relations, in a profession or in official life
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To senior wait till he/she extends his/her hand Just bow your head at the neck

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma

While shaking hands

Use a firm grip but dont squeeze Web of hand should touch the web of other persons hand Pump hand three times Maintain eye-contact Sport a smile Straight posture
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 7


Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma

Dont touch with the left hand Dont touch the shoulder Dont put the left hand around the shoulder Its done only when the other person is very close and is a subordinate or younger to you
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 9

Handshake types
Palm up
Palm down Professional

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Handshake to a lady

Can you initiate?

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Name Tag
Right side, high on the shoulder

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Business cards
Take the card and say thank you Look into it & ask a simple question or make a comment Dont start distributing the cards in a social get-together Dont ask cards from seniors

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Social graces
Receive a compliment graciously When someone praises you or says positive about you, dont deny or refute it Thank them for the compliment with a smile and enjoy
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 14

Never touch your face with fingers From nose picking to removing the sleepers from the eyes Or scratching the head/ face

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Social graces
Avoid making harsh and critical comments about people in their absence Sneeze or Cough- if you sense that, move away and cover with the kerchief and then sneeze or cough Say excuse me after
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 16

Enter only after people inside go outdont barge into the lift. LIFOFIFO

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Younger introduced to elderly Person enjoying less Power and lower position introduced to a person enjoying high position Client introduced to MD, Boss

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Other executives of the company are introduced to the client Send gifts to the clients business address only

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Mr.X( high position) meet Mr.Y(lower position) from company/department/place

Mr. X I would like to introduce my colleague Mr.Y Mr.Y, this is Mr.X

Add a bit of information
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 20

Title or honorific
good to meet you Dr.Ram. I am RAj,Marketing manager of ABC ltd.

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Being introduced
When meeting a senior" I am happy to you Mr.X How do you do Mr. X HDYD is a greeting not a question Response should be HDYD or Pleased to meet you
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 22

Receiving a guest
Good Morning Mr. X. I am Y. Mr.Z is expecting you. Please come with me. If you have a card give it as you introduce.
AVOID Follow me or Walk with me.
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 23

Dining Etiquette
We eat to live.We dont live to eat Cutlery- to start at the outside and work your way in

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Put it on the lap Dont tuck it into the shirt Dont wipe the face If big, fold it into half Place it on the chair if you have to leave the place in between After dinner, place it on the table to the right of the plate Don't crumple Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 26

Dining manners
Beer always before the wine coffee cup/ /saucer placed to the right of the place (right of the farthest utensil) with the handle to the right

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Dining manners
it is considered correct dining etiquette for gentleman to stand up while the lady approaches the dining table and sits down It is bad dining etiquette for the business man to pull the chair for his male business client It is bad table manners to dip biscuits into the tea and eat them If something gets stuck in your teeth while eating, do not use a tooth pick on dining Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 28 table

Bad manners to eat cake with a tea spoon While entertaining more than 4 people, it is ok to preset the menu before the guests arrive

Dining manners

Not appropriate to serve white wine after serving red wine to the guests
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 29

Course Meals- 7 Spoon come to mouth, never vice versa Wait for the host to begin Soup- Dip away from you, rest spoon to the side, once done place behind bowl, last bit tilt away Indian meal, Roll up the Bread. Food difficult to eat

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Served Wait for everyone at your table to be served before beginning to eat. However, if an individual who has not been served encourages you to begin eating, you may do so. Eat slowly while waiting for their food to be served.

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Soup spoon away from you, bring around to your mouth and back to the bowl. Soup is taken from the side of the soup spoon it is not inserted into your mouth. Do not slurp or make noises when eating soup

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Fish Knife and Fish Fork

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Handling the Spoon, Fork and Knife


Avoid Stomping (Talking with food in mouth) Do not wave or point with utensil Knife when left, blade towards you. Silver ware outside in No more than three cutlery on either sides
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 34

Am done Excuse me 3 o'clock to center (handles at 3)-not finished Handles at 4, knife blade towards you- finished. Silverware parallel. Open

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Dont request seconds at a formal meal. Dont take a mouthful of meal before swallowing the last one. Dont put your elbows onto the table; wrist and hands are acceptable. Dont add salt to your food before sampling ; this means an affront to cook. Dont combine foods; keep them separate.
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 36

Dont play with your hair or face. Do not close till the chief guest (or host if there is no chief guest) has done. Do speak at least once to those sitting beside you. Do not ignore them. If you are not comfortable with the cutlery, eat little but dont mess up things. (pretend

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma


Foreign objects.
Discretely spit onto fingers or fork and lay it on plate.

If its not too repulsive, may be removed and continue your meal. Dont embarrass hostess by telling her about incidents If in restaurant, may ask waiter to bring new serving.
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 38

Picking up the tab

Assert No please! I have invited you No please! Its on me Inform before hand Hold menu card Ask the waiter for the check after you complete the meal
Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma 39

Thank you note to the guests

Prof.Mahesh Kumar Soma



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