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Financial Crisis: Greece

By: Muhammad Zubair MBA-2B

Discussion Topics
Background Information

Greeces Imports and Exports

Causes of Financial Crisis Financial Crisis in Greece How Greece Financial Crisis Affect Other Countries Solutions

Background Information
Greece, a Parliamentary Republic

Prime Minister, Lucas Papademos

Capitalist economy with the public sector accounting for about 40% of GDP Member of EU Greece joined in 1981 In 2001, 12th member of the European Economic and Monetary Union

Greeces Imports and Exports

Greece imports twice as much as they export
Greece Total Trading ( from 2009-2010 )
$60 in billion of US $ $40 $20 $$(24) $(43) $21 $64 $45 $21

$(40) $(60)

Greece total Exports Greece total Imports Trade Balance

2009 2010 Greece Trading from Year 2009-2010

Greeces Imports and Exports

Exports (2009 estimated)-$21.37 billion Manufactured goods, food and beverages, petroleum products, cement, chemicals Major markets: Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, U.S., U.K., Romania Imports (2009 estimated)-$64.27 billion Food and animals, crude oil, chemicals, machinery, transport equipment's Major suppliers: Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Russia Tourism is the main income for Greece Provided 15% of GDP

Causes of Financial Crisis

Greece GDP (Real Growth Rate)
3% 2% 1% 0%

Annual GDP Growth (in %)


-1% -2% -3% -4% -5%



Greece GDP -2%


Causes of Financial Crisis

Public debt: 126.8% of GDP (2009) increased to 144% of GDP (2010) Inflation: 1.2% (2009) increased to 4.5% (2010) Unemployment rate: 9.4% (2009) increased to 12% (2010) Current Account Balance: -$34.43 billion (2009) to -$17.1 billion (2010)

Financial Crisis in Greece

Government overspending with its national debt
is $413.6 billion
Paying out salaries on the government dime, with huge holiday bonuses Employees were paid a 14-month year instead of 12 months Also, the extra money gave many Greeks in their early retirement

One of the worst countries with debt in Europe

National debt, at 300 billion (aka $413.6 billion), is larger than the country's economy Prediction estimated that the national debt will reach 120% of GDP in 2010 The country's deficit is 12.7% of its national economy

Probability of Countries Being Unable to Pay Back Debt

How Greece Financial Crisis Affect Other Countries

If Greece is not helped, it could drag down the entire European Union Threatening economies: Portugal, Spain and Italy

The impact on the common European currency

15 other euro zone economies who have agreed to help out Greece

What Greece implemented
Raise taxes on fuel, tobacco, and alcohol Raise the retirement age by 2 years Decrease government spending

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