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Fiber Optics Division

Fiber Optics Division Product Portfolio

All on one OTDR/CD/PMD/WDM PDH/SDH/Ethernet Fault locator mode Hi-vis color screen Touchscreen

Power Meter OLP-55 Optical Source OLS-55 Optical Attenuator OLA-55

Smart Handheld Optical Meters OLP-57 & OLT-55

1310/1490/1550nm OLP-57 selective 1310/1490/1550nm w/ thru-mode for upstream 1310nm USB port for results download

MTS-5100/6000 (OTDR)
1310/1550nm PON module Fault locator mode Hi-vis color screen

OLX-6 Pocket Size Optical Meters

OLS-6 Source 1490nm version available OLP-6 Pwr Meter 1310/1490/1550

ONMS Optical Network Monitoring System

Monitors dark or active fibers in network Integrates to Customer NOC/NMA Alarm / notification / dispatch

Return Loss Meter Power Meter Optical Source

The SMART Design

Protection cap cannot get lost Universal 2014 adapters for power meters best accuracy Stand

Universal 2150 adapters for all 2.5mm and 1.25mm connector types

Graphical display 64 x 128 dots

USB interface 12V DC power supply

Clear, menu structured operation Easy user interface SMARTStar Shock proofed housing

High battery capacity for long operation time 4 x AA

SMART Features & Benefits Accessories





12V car adapter

SNT-121A worldwide compatibel power supply


OCK-10 Cleaning kit

Optical fiber cables: singlemode, multimode, PC, APC

Optical adapters 2014

Optical adapters 2150

SMART Features & Benefits OLT-55

Simultanously measurement with up to 3 wavelength (FFT algorithm)

High dynamic range: 60dB

Three in one instrument Loss Test set Power meter mode Laser source mode Universal adapter system Structured data memory (cable/fiber) for > 1000 records Fast operation: AutoZeroing, Twintest, Tripletest

SMART Features & Benefits ORL-55

Simultaneously measurement with up to 3 wavelength (FFT algorithm) High dynamic range: 60dB Angled test port for lowest intrinsic error Only OPEN calibration necessary Three in one instrument Return Loss Meter Power meter mode (reduced specs due to fiber coupling) Laser source mode Universal adapter system with APC test port Structured data memory (cable/fiber) for > 1000 records Fast operation: AutoZeroing, Twintest, Tripletest

Optical Measurement Platform



MTS-8000 MTS-6000

MTS-6000 Field Mini OTDR

5 Botones de men y 1 Botn de Start/Stop
Batera extraible de LiIon Microfono
-Men desplegable.

7 Teclas
- Dependiendo del contexto - SW compatible con MTS/TBERD 8000

Panel de navegacin

8.4" Pantalla Color TFT de alta resolusin

- Formato horizontal para ver los resultados del OTDR
- Pantalla tactil

MTS-6000 Advanced Field Modularity

LiIon intelligent battery with extended life time
- 8 hours with Telcordia Standard for OTDR

OTDR MM OTDR SM (From FTTx to long haul networks) OFI CD PMD WDM
One extractible optical module

Test and Data Interfaces

Standard Electrical Interfaces
MTS/TB 8000 adds:

Optical Options

Compact Flash VGA output DIN connector Modem

RJ-45 Ethernet Port

- Remote control - FTP transfer

Talk-Set /Light Source

- Data transfer - Remote control

AC Input Headset

2 x USB Ports
-USB memory sticks -Video inspection probe - Mouse, keyboard



Connection check
Application: Verify the quality and integrity of optical distribution frame and fiber jumpers


Patchcords analysis
Power Meter Patchcord loss/launch

Videoscope Connector quality

analysis (OTDR, patchcords, link)

Main OTDR Specifications

Best in industry data acquisition speeds (<0.1 seconds) Industry leader for dynamic range with 50dB @ 1550nm (UHD) New wavelengths and combinations available:
1490nm for FTTx, 1383nm for CWDM Filtered 1625nm for In-Service measurements 1310/1490/1550 for FTTx 1310/1383/1550/1625nm for CWDM

Installation and Cable Acceptance

OTDR Mesurement

Setting of events Trace + event table Marker mode Manual mode

Bi-directional OTDR
Splice measurement and

average calculation
Limits handling errors by

exchanging configuration.
Link continuity checking Immediate trace alignment

Other Applications:

Chromatic dispersion PMD CWDM/DWDM maintenance Attenuation profile

Ready for very high bitrates

Dispersion measurements approved and standardized by ITU, IEC et EIA/TIA Spectral attenuation combined to PMD test module

Options (At time of purchase) Touchscreen Extended internal memory Power meter VFL Talkset/Sources Accessories Video Fiber Scope Additional intelligent battery Keyboard, mouse, USB stick PC application Software (FiberTrace and FiberCable) 2 soft carrying cases 1 hard carrying case Cigarette lighter power adapter Additional optical adapters Optical test cables Calibration report

MTS 8000 Platform Introduction

Next Generation Test Platform!!

MTS 8000 Modular Architecture

Transport Module one thin module!!
10GigE SDH - STM-64 thru E1 SONET - OC-192 thru DS1 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet and Optical GigE
User Interface Module (UIM)

Transport Module 10GigE, SONET, SDH and Ethernet

OSA Module
CWDM/DWDM testing (1250nm to 1650nm) Single/Dual Port options Channel Isolation Drop
OSA Module 1250-1650nm, Channel Drop and Single/Dual Port

Platform also includes - OTDR, PMD and CD modules

Battery Pack

Transport Module Highlights

Less than 7 kg fully populated (UIM + Module + Battery) Contained in one 5 cm module Electrical Interfaces include DS1, E1, E3, DS3, E4, STS-1 and STM-1e SDH/SONET Interfaces include 155M/622M/2.5G/10G (1310nm, 1550nm) 10/100/1000Mbps and Optical GigE/10GigE LAN (850nm, 1310nm and 1550nm) Single and Dual Port for GigE Dual Receivers for DS1, E1, E3, DS3 & STS-1 FST-2802 - User Interface Design Field exchangeable connectors Enables easier connector cleaning Minimizes the need for Hybrid jumpers Highly configurable/Fully upgradeable Ex. STM-64 only, STM-64/10GigE

MTS 8000: Built-in Connection Check

VFL Analysis of bend/break on patch panels/ jumpers Power Meter Analysis of the loss of the jumpers Absolute power measurement Optical Fiber Microscope Analysis of the quality of the connectors

Dirty connector: Increased IL and ORL!

Clean connector

Get the right measurement of your network!

Complete Fiber Characterization Solution

Conventional Testing OTDR, IL, ORL, Length Dispersion Testing

Polarization Mode dispersion

Fixed Analyzer method 45dB dynamic range From 0.1 to 60ps delay measurement

Chromatic Dispersion
Pulse Delay Method (Time domain) 30 dB dynamic range From 0.1 to 100 ps/nm.km dispersion range Spectral Attenuation Loss over the fiber length between in the C and L-band

MTS-8000: New automatic bi-directional analysis (SW option)

Traditional Bi-directional Analysis : True splice loss measurement Reveals events that are hidden by dead zones in one direction Possible error handling: incorrect setup Possible error handling: incorrect fiber Transfer all files end of the day ACTERNA Automatic Bi-directional Analysis : True splice loss measurement Reveals events that are hidden by dead zones in one direction No operation error. Same setup Automatic fiber continuity check Immediate trace alignment with correct parameters

Installer test: Bi-directional analysis at 2 s 2 hours for 72 fibers.

DWDM Testing Solution

DWDM System testing OSA-160/161/200/201 with channel isolator capability

single port


CH-drop option

Powerful Alarm management Set of alarms define for each channel Advanced Grid selection Multiple grid settings (ITU-T, manual, Auto) Channel detection according to the Grid

Family of Solutions

FC + Transport + Ethernet

Fiber Characterization (FC) including OTDR, CD, PMD MTS-5100




Optical Network Management System

Automatic fault location Remote Testing and Measurement Advanced measurement analysis Domains Segmentation OSP & GIS documentation

OSS Interface

Physical & Photonic ONMS

Web Access

Reports, Quality of Service ...

Extensive Alarm management

Performance Trend & pro-active maintenance

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ONMS is an Optical Network Management System. ONMS includes three main applications:

Remote Fiber Test System

Using MTS OTDR Modules In service and Out of service Monitoring

DWDM Performance Monitoring

Using MTS OSA modules.

OFM : Optical Fiber Mapping : OFM

Network documentation including GIS


What is OFM?
A complete software application for documentation, operating and maintenance of fiber optic outside/inside plant facilities OFM is based on a Geographical Information System (GIS)

Spatial data Network Layers

Access points Cables

tabular data


Background maps

Utilities Streets Roads, Railways Administrative Boundaries

Quickly Detect and isolate faults
Detect cable breaks, fiber tapping, moisture intrusion, splice degradation...

Minimize Outages DWDM performance management Physical Security (fiber optic fence..) SLA Management Competitive advantage

Increase workforce productivity and efficiency:
By decreasing time to turn up new services (from 30 days down to 5 days) By reducing technician dispatches (goal: 50%, Operational cost saving) By reducing need for specialists in the field

Improve service to end customer (Dark fiber or provider)

By reducing network downtime/Improve quality of service (MTTR -30%) Better SLA Management

Take control of network resources

By improving the management of fiber plant resource By knowing the performance of available resource (fiber characterization)

ONMS LA Customers
Megacable (Mexico) Metronet (Mexico) CableMas (Mexico) CableVision of Monterrey (Mexico) Alcatel/Petrobras (Brazil) Telemar (Brazil) - Biggest system currently deployed Furukawa (Brazil) ICE (Costa Rica) Telecom Argentina (Argentina) Telefonica Movistar (Venezuela) Colombia Telecomunicaciones (Colombia) RTU (Remote Test Unit) CableSula/Sulanet (Honduras)