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Verbal Communication

Presented By: Antra Singh


means connected with words and use of

words Spoken communication or the communication employing speech is known as verbal communication

Advantages of Verbal Communication

It is the fastest way of interaction with each other. It is less expensive to interact with people. It is more easier to understand a conversation than some other multimedia means of communication. During a verbal communication you can utilize nonverbal cues such as tone, body language, inflection. You can have long conversations. It can be used every where you go only if the person you are interacting is with you. Speech can be direct and to the point. Some non-verbal communication such as gestures have different meaning in different countries.

Disadvantages of Verbal Communication

It can be quickly forgotten You can not provide legal evidence You can not remember or recall each and every detail of the message Poor presentation of the message or the instruction can result in misunderstanding and wrong responses.

Types of verbal communication

Verbal Communication

Oral Communication

Written Communication

Oral Communication
Meaning Characteristics Advantages Disadvantages Tools


is the interchange of verbal message between sender and receiver It is more natural and informal It is highly flexible The feedback is with immediate effect Transfer of message takes place at high speed

Advantages of Oral Communication


provides immediate feedback to the participants It is time saving It builds up a healthy climate in the organisation It becomes an effective tool of persuasion just by adding personal touch It is economical It provides the speaker an opportunity to correct himself The speaker enjoys the advantage of understanding the group he is addressing, he can immediately understand the groups reaction and arrive at a satisfactory conclusion

Disadvantages of Oral Communication


does not always have a satisfactory conclusion Oral messages cannot always be retained in the listeners memory It doesnt have legal validity It may lead to misunderstanding The length of message may pose a problem It becomes difficult to fix responsibility for anything going wrong or for any mistake in oral communication

Tools of Oral Communication

Meetings Discussions Negotiations Seminars Presentations Interviews Peer

conversation Telephonic conversation

Written Communication
Meaning Characteristics Advantages Disadvantages Tools

It is the interchange of written message between sender and receiver It is a creative activity that requires a lot of imagination and effort to arrive at the finished product It is formal and systematic It is time consuming activity

Advantages of Written Communication

It provides records, references, etc. on which important decisions rest It builds up the legal defences of the organisation through records, letters, instructions, etc. It promotes uniformity of policy and procedure and builds up proper guidelines for the working of the organisation Can be read at receivers convenience and pleasure Can be revised before transmitting It makes for accuracy and dependability It is permanent Responsibility can be easily assigned

Disadvantages of Written Communication

It is time consuming Immediate feedback is not available for correction at spot It is costly in terms of money and man-hours It becomes ineffective in the hands of people who are poor in expression Absence of immediate clarification It is impersonal Never know if message is ever read

Tools of Written Communication

Some of the various forms of written communication that are used internally for business operations include memos, reports, bulletins, job descriptions, employee manuals and electronic mail. Examples of written communication avenues typically pursued with clients, vendors and other members of the business community, meanwhile, include electronic mail, Internet Web sites, letters, proposals, telegrams, faxes, postcards, contracts, advertisements, brochures and news releases.

Comparison between Oral & Written Communication

Basis Nature Speed Flexibility Record Cost Gestures Feedback Suitability

Oral Communication Written Communication Informal with personal Formal without touch personal touch Fast High No record Economical Can be used Immediate For short and simple messages Slow Low Permanent record High cost Cant be used Delayed For lengthy messages

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