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London is a “nation,

not a city”

The authors of the

project are
Ivanova Tatyana
Lapshina Elena
form 11
The United Kingdom of Great Britain and

Northern Ireland
London is the capital of
the UK.
It originated in the 1st
century B.C. by Romans.
The City is situated on
the place of the ancient
town which was called
William the Conqueror

In the 11th century

England was conquered
by William the Conqueror.
He became the King of
He made his changes in
the view of London.
The Tower of London

The Tower of London is a

unique historical building
of that time.
It started to build in 1076.
The internal court is
surrounded by high walls
with 18 towers and 12
The functions of the Tower

a fortress a royal place an observatory

a state the home of

an arsenal
prison the Royal Mint

Now it is a museum.
The Ravens of the Tower

The Ravens are one of

the most famous sights at
the Tower.
According to the legend,
if the Ravens leave the
Tower, the monarchy will
So for over 900 years
these unique birds have
been guarding the Tower
of London.
St.Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral is

absolutely unique
It is a masterpiece of Sir
Christopher Wren.
It stands on the same
place where many years
ago in 604 A.D. a wooden
cathedral dedicated to St.
Paul was built.
Whispering Gallery

Whispering Gallery in St. Paul’s Cathedral is famous

for its unique acoustic.

If you whisper anything on one side of the gallery your

words will be heard clearly on the other side.

To get to the gallery visitors will have to climb

263 steps.
Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is the

largest square in central
It is connected with the
famous naval victory over
the Spanish fleet at
Trafalgar in 1805.
This Square was opened
in 1832.
Admiral Nelson

The commander of the

fleet was Admiral Nelson.
He died at the battle.
The monument of Nelson

At the top of the

monument there is a
figure of a seaman (the
height of the statue is 5
Bronze lions

At the base of Nelson’s

column there are four
bronze lions.
They symbolize courage
and bravery.
These lions each 6 m long
and 4 m high.
They were placed here in
Westminster Palace

Westminster Abbey is the

seat of the British
It is 1000 years old.
It is not just one building
but a great mass of
Big Ben

The Palace is impressive

with its three massive
towers: the Victoria
Tower, the Middle Tower
and St. Stephen’s Tower.
St. Stephen’s Tower
houses the clock that
people often call Big Ben.
Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is the

oldest and the most
important church in
It is an honoured resting
place for those who have
served the nation.
It is famous for its Poet’s
Here is also the tomb of
the Unknown Warrior of
World War I.

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