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STANZA 1 They returned home at day break and headed for the stove.

Their clothes were soaking wet and tattered. Their bodies were covered with scratches and wounds. Yet, they did not display any signs of being worried. STANZA 2 They were out in the flood the whole day and night. They were surrounded by dead animals and parts of trees that had been destroyed by the flood. They searched desperately for their sons albino buffalo but were unable to find it. STANZA 3 They were born into poverty and difficulty, but they do not complain about their suffer. Instead, they sit in the kitchen, cracking jokes while smoking cigarettes.

THEMES Poverty and Hardship The main theme of the poem is the hardship suffered by this rural community. Resilience and preseverance An important sub-theme is the village folks resilience and preserverance. Despite, the many adversities, they still carry on with life as if they do not have any problems.

LANGUAGE & STYLE Contrast Between the villagers scratched and wounded limbs and their facial expressions that do not betray feelings of despair or hurt. Although they have been hurt physically, they do not allow it to affect them emotionally, as life must go on. However, this emotion contrasts with their desperation when they were looking for the missing buffalo. Imagery Vivid descriptions of the villagers in torn, drenched clothes with scratches all over their bodies. Diction In Verse 1, the adjectivesoaky implies that the villagers were drenched to the skin. Their torn clothes were plastered to their weary , bruised bodies, marked by scratches and full of wounds.

In The Midst of Hardship by Latiff Mohidin

SETTING Place A remote village where life is simple and the people live in hardship and poverty The scenes take place out in the flooded village and inside the house (kitchen) Time Set in the past. The poem opens with dawn when the family returns home and is now relaxing in the kitchen. They have spent the entire previous day and night in the floodwaters searching for a buffalo.

MORAL VALUES We should learn to accept problems in life with a positive outlook. We must attempt to face and solve problem. Facing hardship is part and parcel of life. If we face a problem, do not feel despair.

TONE & MOOD The persona is sympathetic towards the people in the poem. At the same time, the persona admires the rural folk for their positive attitude and preseverance despite their hard life.

VERSE 1 The poet observes the folly of a young woman. The persona highlights that the man had eyes which masked his true personality. She did not realize this as he gave her a pleading, sorrowful look and she was taken in. she believed his lies. VERSE 2 Now the young woman realizes the awful truth. The poet notes that if the young woman had listened to the advice given, she would never have given in, nor would she have so many questions and regrets afterwards. VERSE 3 Here the poet is didactic and advises the reader not to be deceived by appearances. A persons true character is revealed over time. Caution will benefit us especially when it involves feelings.

THEMES Deception in Appearances The woman is taken in by the mans gentle and quiet eyes. She thinks he is a truthful and trustworthy person. The theme in this poem focuses on deception in appearances. Do not judge a persons character by his appearance. As can be seen in this poem, a gentle and kind-looking man can actually be a wolf in sheeps clothing.

He Had Such Quiet Eyes By Bibsy Soenharjo

LANGUAGE & STYLE Personification The mans eyes become alive as they were breathing desolate sighs, like a human being. The sad and pleading look the man gave the victim tugs at her heart and she gives in to him. Metaphor In Verse 3, line 3, losing at dice refers to the gambles a person takes when making decisions. The poet compares making wring or harmful choices in life to throwing the dice in a board game. Diction In Verse 1, line 1, quiet eyes implies that the man had peaceful, charming and trustworthy eyes which draws the young woman to him.

SETTING Place There is no specific physical setting stated, but we can infer that it is a quiet place in a town or city. Time Probably a quiet romantic evening, where the confidence trickster can focus on winning the trust of his victim. Social setting Middle-class, young working people.

MORAL VALUES Avoid being deluded by looks or appearance Listen to beneficial advice Never compromise your moral values and principles.

TONE & MOOD The persona sets a didactic tone when she gives advice to the victim and to her readers in Verse 3. One of sadness and regret due to the unwise actions taken.

QWERTYUIOP is about a poor, young graduate named Lucy Beck who has just finished her O levels at Belmont Secretarial College. She is a slow learner herself but she is determined to find a job in order to get out of poverty. Fortunately, she is offered a job by Mr. Ross, the Manager of Ross and Bannisters. However, she begins to face problems from her first day of work. She encounters many peculiar incidents when she starts using the electric typewriter. Whenever Lucy types, the words QWERYUIOP which is on the top lines on the keyboards will keep on appearing. She is determined to keep on her job, so she tries to overcome her fear. Later, she finds out that there is a spirit lingering around the office. She finds out from that Miss Broome, a former secretary of the late Mr Bannister was forced to retire after working for forty-three years. That was why the spirit of Miss Broome is adamant in holding on to her position as the companys secretary. Towards the end of the story, Lucy tries to get rid of the spirit that has been haunting that place for many years. She assured Miss Broome that the late Mr Bannister needs her in the afterlife. She managed to convince Miss Broome to leave and finally she could maintain her job.

THEMES Determination Despite the supernatural nature by which Ms. Broome badgers and demoralizes Lucy, she shows no signs of giving in to her demand. Instead,she is steadfast in defending her position as the secretary. Possesiveness Not even death could part Ms. Broome from what she feels is rightfully hers. She continues to haunt the office through her electronic typewriter.

CHARACTERS Lucy Beck She is a young, shy and insecure graduate of secretarial studies. She is satisfied with her current life and is determined to improve it.She obtains a position with Ross and Bannisters, only to find that the position comes with a chilling secret. Harry Darke Ross and Bannisters handyman. He is an old man who has been working with the company for years. Ghost of Ms. Broome She was the previous employee of Ross and Bannisters. She is unwilling to let go of her position and continues to defend her post, even after her demise.

QWERTYUIOP By Vivien Alcock

TONE & MOOD The tone is one of optimism and sympathy. There is also an element of mystery/suspense as evidenced by the actions in the office of Ross and Bannisters. The title also hints at mystery.

MORAL VALUES Do not judge a person merely through credentials or qualifications. We must be committed and responsible to our vocation or profession. We must value our family.

SETTING Place Lucys house which she shares with her mother and her Uncle Bert, in a poor neighbourhood The office of Ross and Bannisters where Lucy works as a secretary. It is a small firm which is over thirty years old. Time Modern twentieth-century England

The Fruitcake Special is the story if the effects of a perfume on men. It was accidentally created by Anna, a chemist. When Mr Amos gets a whiff of the perfume he feels he is in love with Anna and so invites her out for dinner. He does not behave like a man in love and Anna is surprised and upset. When she wears the Fruitcake perfume again, Mr Amos and a waiter become enticed and both make declarations of love to her. The situation become chaotic when a fight ensues between two men. THEMES Physical attraction/superficial love versus true love David Amos has only been attracted to pretty young models in the past. However, after Anna wears the special perfume, he becomes physically attracted to Anna and thinks that he lovesher. So does the waiter at the French restaurant who smells her perfume. Anna does not believe it because she knows that David Amos does not like plain girls like her.In contrast, Armstrong who has fallen in love with Anna when he was only a pizza delivery man,withholds his declaration of love until he feels that he is worthy of her love. He only dares to proclaim his love for Anna after he has become successful owner of a pizza company. Annarealizes that he truly loves her and would be a suitable life partner for herself.

SETTING Place Amos Cosmetic factory in New Jersey, French restaurant Annas home Time 1990s, when fast food became popular, and it started to be normal for women to still be single beyond the age of 25.

CHARACTERS Anna She is a single 27-year old chemist, ordinary looking, practical and sensible. She is also an innovative, intelligent, observant and perceptive woman. David Amos He is the owner of Amos Cosmetics. He is a handsome Englishman with dark skin. But, David is a weak character as he is manipulated by Sabina. Aunt Mimi She is Annas mothers sister. A goodhearted, warm and generous lady. She is a nosy lady due to her curiousity.

The Fruitcake Special By Frank Brennan

MORAL VALUES We must not be blinded by physical attraction. Hard work is the key to success Appreciate ourselves for who we are and not depend on the supernatural. Do not be deceived by flattery/ We should appreciate true/sincere love.

LANGUAGE & STYLE Simile The story has several interesting and funny similes e.g.he looked like a dog who had just found a bone; mouths wide open like a couple of fish. Diction Lighthearted/ humorous - he smiled until I thought his face would break into two.

SETTING Lord Septic is determined to find the long lost gold owned by Lady Gatsby. Lady Gatsby was murdered. Lord Septic buys the railway line in the hope of finding the gold. Meanwhile, Rose who is blind comes to sell flowers to help her sick mother. Lord Septic instructs Crouch to get her out of the station. He takes her flowers and throws them onto the tracks. Percy. Who is a young orphan comes to her rescue but he is knocked down by Lord Septic. Lord Septic and Crouch then tie Rose to a railway track. She finds about Percys true identity and the gold. Percy is the heir to the Gatsby gold and is known as Sir Percy. Lord Septic loses everything. Place The familiar background of a railway station. Time The drama is set in nineteenth or early twentieth century England. Social setting Socially, the rich upper classes were dominant and the poor were bullied or left to suffer financial and social hardships.


THEMES Greed and Materialism Lord Septic yearns for more money although he is already rich. He aims to be the richest man in the world. He and his father killed Lady Gatsby for her gold. He married his wife because she owns a gun factory. To cut cost, he does not care for the safe storage of matches at his factory. Justice prevails In the end the truth is known. Lady Gatsbys murderer is found and the gold is returned to its rightful owner. Lord Septics greed leads to his downfall, as Percy and Rose are prepared to expose his crimes.

Gulp and Gasp By John Townsend

Lord Septic Lord Septic is the man who runs the town and soon will be the mayor. He likes things to be done his way or elseLord Septic is never satisfied with what he has. Lord Septic is a very greedy man. He longs for more power, more money and more fame. Crouch Crouch works for Lord Septic as his loyal servant. He is subservient to Lord Septics order. He is also a bully. As Lord Septic summarizes it best, Crouch can be half-wit and sometimes he can be a dim-wit. Percy He is an orphan. Percys mother was killed on the railway line and he became an orphan living in poverty and hardship. Percy is generous. Although he is poor he is sympathetic towards Rose. Percy is quick in thinking. He managed to stop the train before it runs on Rose.

LANGUAGE & STYLE The language used is simple and clear. However, the dialogues are full of exaggeration and there is always the repetition of words. Onomatopoeia I can snap them like twigs. I can crack them like nuts. I can pop them like pods. Irony It is also Percy who delivers the villain into the hands of the law.

MORAL VALUES We should be sensitive to peoples feelings. We must be responsible in life. One should be humble about ones wealth and fame. We should live a humble and honest life.

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